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Dead Space 2 Necromroph Killin' Trailer message

DS2117 December 9, 2010 User blog:DS2117

This was by most, the best Dead Space 2 trailer ever!! The graphic moments and music, tied in perfectly with each other. I was able to deciefer the second message. You know, the one that appears behind Isaac before the screen fades into blackness. It says, THE SPRAWL. But, I'm having a hard time deciefering the first message. The video goes so fast, I can't slow it down that much to where I can see the message clearly.

Can someone please, solve this message?



Here's the video.


Hey, did anyone know that there's a guy talking to Isaac on some big screen?!?!

"This is bigger than you, and bigger than the lives of everyone o
Sprawl Trailer Shots 03
n this station!"

You can see the guy's face in this picture, or you can watch the video again to see him talking to Isaac.

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