Okay, after much researching, I found out who Norton is. That silly guy standing in the hallway as the place blows up, and is also the silly guy just standing there like an idiot as that HUGE necro attacked Isaac and John. "Move Norton!"

Silly.... XD

Right! Back on topic. I really like the fact that is upcoming graphic novel is about characters we already know. It fills in the gap before a game. Like "Forward Unto Dawn" for Halo 4.:3 I like that Ellie's in it. But what REALLY bugs me is Isaac's absence... It doesn't even mention our mentally abused and loved character. D': I'm sure there's a reason...

But I felt toyed with, EVERY TIME THEY MENTION ISAAC. Verbally and visually...

DS: Downfall, you see his shuttle... END!
DS: Aftermath, you see his stasis pod... END!
DS: Ignition, you see Franco unlock the code to Isaac's stasis pod... END!!!

Am I the only one bothered by this? I'm an Isaac fan, of course this bothers me!!! XD

All I'm saying is, we should be able to see Isaac, outside the games themselves. With DS: Liberation, his absence is bugging me out of all. He knows Carver, Norton and Ellie... Where is he?

Tell me what you think.


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