• D2r

    Fan Fiction: Bed Space

    June 7, 2010 by D2r

    It's the last intro I'll do, I promise, though I'm not done with Bed Space. Don't want this to get ludicuous, of course.

    So, I'll keep it brief. The new story is because I wanted an excuse to use "Make us Whole Again" in a sexual context. The rest flowed from that.

    Also, this is my first foray into textual surrealism (modernism?), and in writing a second-person narrative, so be nice. Yes, the increasing lack of punctuation in the second half of the post was deliberate.

    As always, thank you, Haeg.

    After many months of being lazy, I hereby present to you the next installment - much shorter this time, I admit - of my madhouse Dead Space Romance Collection, a charming tale I have entitled "Allegory of the Pregnant Mind". It's below my first story.


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