• D0S1981

    Sweet Music to my Ears

    September 23, 2014 by D0S1981

    Ok, so we all know by now that Dead Space is friggin awesome, and the sounds and noises add to the already terrifying experience of Issacs 'one man' rampage aginst the Necro-twots. But am i the only one that prefers to play the game without the music? As cool as the Hollywood-esque jingles are, i just find myself more immersed, and cacking my pants, when playing with just the sounds of the falling wrenches, baby cries, screaming people, and all out Necro-nastiness that the game provides my auditory senses. It makes me feel more like i'm experiencing the experience that Issac is experiencing, the way he himself would experience it were this real. (soz, there was a sale on for the word experience) I'm just wondering if anyone else plays it th…

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