I really dont see Dead Space as a multiplayer game, so i wonder what they will pull off to make it that way? Maybe they will allow 2 people to go through the campaign together at harder difficulties, but then again, how would they pull off the drag tentacle, Tripod, and other sequences like that. I do know one thing, I CANT WAIT. Janurary 25 is sooooooooo far away.

Any Ideas?

Extending the Horror Universe

On another note, Im glad to see Dead Space is extending its resources. The Dead Space novel, comics, and movie should also be pleasing to read and watch. I cant wait for Aftermath since i did enjoy Downfall quite a bit. I also believe they are making a backpack that looks like the back of Isaac's RIG.

Dead Space 2 News

Just watched the Dead Space 2 panel at Comic Con, and heard you can unlock some exclusive Dead Space 2 goodies (suit, ect) if you play Dead Space ignition before Dead Space 2.

They also said that you will "dismember your friends" in multiplayer, giving an hint on what multiplayer might be.

On a sour note, EA is downing the horror genre in Dead Space 2 because noobs find its too scary, IF THE GAME IS TOO SCARY DONT BUY IT!....I feel better now.

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