It's generally common knowledge that another DLC will be released, but I have to wonder: Is this general ignorance, instead?

A lot of people seem to be having little day-dreams about DLC. "Oh, yeah, you'll play as an EarthGov soldier", or "It'll bridge to gap between Dead Space 2 and three" are just some examples of these. But I have to ask, will any of these ever happen? Is there really another DLC being churned away in the golden and user-friendly halls of Visceral Games? I have a few reasons to doubt that there's another in the works, and here's a few of 'em.

  • Dead Space 2 was released in January. It is now April, and we have only had one DLC that was two hours long.
  • Visceral has been very quiet recently. Some may say suspiciously quiet, but I have my doubts.
  • No news has really been released recently, which is odd for a game with such potential for DLC. They would only be doing this if: A) The genie is finally back in the bottle 'till DS3 comes 'round, or B) There is actually a new DLC in the works.

Whilst a realize a lot of these (and by a lot I mean two thirds) could play against me, I just find it strange how dead the Wiki feels. It seems to me that Visceral would want to keep their product alive, and while new people are joining in the orgy of dismemberment, batshit insane dead ex-girlfriends and Lovecraftian Markers every day, there's only so much time until all the weapons are upgraded, Peng has been found (and given, if you take my meaning), and Zealot and Harcore modes completed. I'd say that three months is enough time to do all of those things.

What I'm saying is, I'm actually quite bored with Dead Space 2 now. I know that it's been much less time than I spent on the original, but after seven playthroughs, you start to feel a little jaded. Thus, I need DLC, and I need it ASAP (good God, I just wrote ASAP after 2010, I haven't heard anybody say that since 2002), but with my boredom lingering and my faith in Visceral ever decaying like a corpse in the sun, I am losing hope.

Is this happening to anyone else?

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