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    August 1, 2011 by Captain tweed

    Okay, I have NO idea what is happening. One second I'm investigating HalseyMJ's supposed thievery, the next some guy called GorrilaSpice shows up, then five other users show up and defend people who seem to have only been using the Wiki for a week, and now I'm apparently hated by everyone but a few people on the Wiki. What the Hell is going on? Have I been drugged or something? Did my alter-ego Bill go on a killing spree, and only a few people know about it?

    I say, it's a-bloody-'nuff. NOBODY knows what's going on, insults and flame are getting slung about like it's Vietnam, and I've completely lost track of where the Wiki ends and where the RAEG begins. Quite simply, this situation has gotten out of hand, and we need to stop posting blogs …

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  • Captain tweed

    All right, we're just getting too much blog spam. I think we need to clean up the Wiki somehow. Hence why I recommend burning down the Wiki. I don't care how we do it, be it setting a house with a "Dead Space Wiki" sign alight or just generally burning things (I like burning things), but we need to clean this place up.

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  • Captain tweed

    Right, so Isaac's walking down Late To the Party Blvd. and all of a sudden, a Necromorph jumps the flying frig out of nowhere, lopping his head off in a single swing. There is nothing to do to stop this, it's literally scripted.

    Eventually, Isaac comes to... but he can't move his body at will. It's almost like someone else is controlling his body. That is, until he sees his own decapitated corpse, and is fairly sure that his soul has left his body after death somehow. He then comes into contact with someone else in his thoughts, when he slowly comes to realize that he's talking with the tortured psyche of a Necromorph victim, who is fully aware of what's happening to it. The two converse, and Isaac comes to realize just how nightmarish the …

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  • Captain tweed

    Survival horror

    April 21, 2011 by Captain tweed

    I've just come up with an idea. As I am sure most people here are aware, survival horror draws the fear one experiences playing a survival horror game partly from the fear of being alone. While I am aware that this isn't the only part of a scary experience, I believe I can make something scary by doing the exact opposite of this: putting you in a group of eight or more.

    You see, my idea is that supplies (ammunition, weapons, first-aid, etc.) would be just as scarce as in a single-player game, forcing you to work with your team to ensure equal supplies are being handed out. Have a player who hogs the shotgun shells? Then you are going down in a pool of blood, my friend, and you'll be taking the hog with you nine times out of ten. This requir…

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  • Captain tweed


    April 9, 2011 by Captain tweed

    It's generally common knowledge that another DLC will be released, but I have to wonder: Is this general ignorance, instead?

    A lot of people seem to be having little day-dreams about DLC. "Oh, yeah, you'll play as an EarthGov soldier", or "It'll bridge to gap between Dead Space 2 and three" are just some examples of these. But I have to ask, will any of these ever happen? Is there really another DLC being churned away in the golden and user-friendly halls of Visceral Games? I have a few reasons to doubt that there's another in the works, and here's a few of 'em.

    • Dead Space 2 was released in January. It is now April, and we have only had one DLC that was two hours long.
    • Visceral has been very quiet recently. Some may say suspiciously quiet, bu…

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