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June 1, 2010
  • Captain Bradman

    Since Nathan McNeil( P-SEC) has not made this previously stated blog, I will make it instead. I don't know about all of you, but I will not give up on this spectacular excuse for creativity and personal choices. Please be sure to visit the original page ( )and create your character.

    Make the character; live the story; die on the Sprawl.

    Remember: this blog is only for a normal day at your character's job. This does not include the infection. Do NOT add Necromorphs in Chapter 1.

    When we have enough entries and enough characters, we will begin another blog with the appropriate Chapter 2 title (hopefully created by Nathan McNeil( P-SEC) himself.)

    Good luck, a…

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  • Captain Bradman

    I say, "To Hell" with all of these stupid question blogs! At least for now. The people are storming our castle and selling us things we have no option but to buy. We have to drive them back and take over again. Write below if you agree. I say if we have at least 15-20 votes, we should make it a rule that if more than 3 personal blogs occur, the newest ones are to be removed ASAP.

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  • Captain Bradman

    I was browsing through YouTube when I came across this funny video. I couldn't stop laughing when the girl just kept on saying "He's got your leg!" I also enjoyed recognizing the sounds of the different Necromorphs. Tell me what you guys think. Links below:

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  • Captain Bradman

    Ok, so I had this thought, right?

    Isaac has two abilities: Kinesis and Stasis. Wouldn't it be cool if he could have another one?

    Here are some ideas I had:

    1.) Create an energy wall.

    2.) A slow but more powerful melee attack.

    3.) Jump!

    4.) Kick (not stomp)

    Give me your guys' (gals'?) thoughts!

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  • Captain Bradman

    This is a pretty stupid question, but of those of you who use the Plasma Cutter, do you shoot it horizontally or vertically?

    Personally, I use the horizontal form all the time.

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