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Ds2 MP game modes

Camarex March 20, 2011 User blog:Camarex

What dissapointed me was the lack of game modes in MP, and the other game modes what? Only objectives is bad.

Here are my game mode porpouses:

Capture the flag: Capture the enemy's flag. The flag is in the other side of the map. Max players per team: 6. The team that reaches the capture limit wins. Capture limit 3.

Domination: Capture the command post to earn points. max players per team: 8. The Team that Reaches point limit wins. Point limit 100.

King of the hill: Humans Maintain position in a place wile the necromorphs try to capture it. The humans win when the time limit is reached. Necromorphs win when they capture the Hill. Max players per team: 4

Search and Destroy: Humans must destroy the marker that maintains the necromorphs in feet.

Max players per team: 6.

Well, that's all, post your ideas.

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