Hey Everyone, this is victor again, Sorry I havent been updating my story on here for a while. Been busy with alot of things. But today I should be able to update this new chapter alot. Right now I can only write so little, since I'm kinda stuck on where to go with things.

    Greg and Alyssa, along with Seth, were walking down the enormous concourse mall. They arrived in one part of it known as the Food court. It looked like a huge dome, 3 stories high with walkways going up and down to each floor, and at the top was the ceiling made of glass looking out into space.

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    DEAD SPACE 2: Lies Of The Past (Chapter 2: The Memorial)

    [Text Log: Eyes Only] To: Seth Macallan - From: Bella Osseen [Date Sent: 10/13/2511]

    Dear Mr. Macallan

    We want to inform you about recent activity from the Space Marauders lately. Take caution

    as entering any system with the USG Firefly. Activate your jammers once in an system to avoid them.

    Space Marauders have been stealing planetcrackers and other vessels for the past few years. Locating the vessels

    has been impossible for the government.

    Here are the list of recent vessels missing, if you see any, avoid contact and contact us as soon as possible.

    1:USG Eclipse [Vessel Type: Planetcracker] - Date Missing: 4/22/2488

    2:USG Jackel [Vessel Type: Planetcracker] - Date Missing: 7/8/2501

    3:USG Orp…

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    Hi There! My Name is Victor aka JAKX. I've been a fan of the dead space series for a long time now and I felt like making my own story

    to be part of the series. But this is Fan made by me. I'm not all good writing stories, so there might be some mistakes.

    But I really hope you like this one! I can't write the whole chapter at once on here so I'll be adding piece by piece.

    This story takes place 3 months before Dead Space 2. Here is some of Chapter 1.

    Audio Log #5. Name Of User: Gregory Aimes. Date Recorded: 11/23/2511

    "This is Aimes, we are currently in an unknown system. Seth won't tell me why, and I'm afraid he's up to something.

    We haven't seen anything but giant rocks so far, I don't see.. what the?....... Seth! Come Here! *Approaching foots…

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