Dead Space


Streamlining Store Menus

Dead Space 2 is one of the best games ever made. It's certainly the best Survival/Horror game out there (Sorry Silent Hill and Resident Evil). But like people, it's not perfect; though it is very close. I only have one complaint and it has more to do with technical issues than story and gameplay. The Store is your central hub for much needed weapons and supplies but the interface is a bit confusing and cumbersome. I have all the pre-order and DLC content so far, but when I transfer all my purchases to the Safe, I have to strain to go through the jumble of suits and weapons. I think I even have so much stuff that occaisionally a suit or two will be locked back in the Shop menu or disappear completely and I have to reacquire the schematic; but that may just be a bug (in which case could also use a patch). What I propose is an update that divides Weapons, Ammunition, Suits and Utility (health, stasis packs, semi-conductors, etc.) into seperate sub-menus within the Shop and Safe main menus. This would improve an already stellar interactive experience. Let me know what you think, because other than that there is not much to improve. A+++++++++ game.

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