• Bigsister

    Glitch? really a hidden necromorph? just my imagination? OK

    i dont know if its really a secret necromorph or just a glitch or something:

    i just saw some weird necromorphs at

    chapter 1, when you first encounter necromorphs and you have to run from them because you dont have any defense

    and in chapter 3, when you exit the gondola and see a lot of necromorphs.

    The necromorph is similar to the wheezer and puker (it have some kind of "lungs" in the back), but, unlike the wheezer, it can walk. It have a gray color . It appears to have 2 pair of hands, identical to that of the slasher's "true" arms (that's why i think it could be a glitch, because it can be a slasher without its upper arms), i have never seen it attacking me (another re…

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