OK, my last post wasn't met very positively (Ellie and Isaac land on Earth) so I'm just going to make a quick little wish list of what I want and don't want in Dead Space 3:


  • More Zero-G Sections: The vastly improved Zero-G levels in Dead Space 2 were some of my favorite moments of the game. But, I don't feel like there were enough of them. And the sections in the game were pretty short. Maybe if there were just a few more in the game and if they were a little longer, I'd be perfectly satisfied.
  • Adaptive Difficulty: I felt the last 2 or 3 chapters of Dead Space 2 were very frustrating. On Normal difficulty it felt more like Hard. I kept dying as I was making my way to the Marker in Chapter 15, so maybe if the game adapts to how many times you do and adjusts the way the enemies behave and act, you can make it through a challenging section of a chapter without dying.
  • Open Levels and Less Backtracking: Dead Space was a very linear game and you revisited the same areas multiple times throughout the course of the game. Dead Space 2 improved on the revisiting areas by setting a good amount of the chapters in different settings, but it was still pretty linear. Maybe do something like Dead Space Ignition or, hell, even Dante's Inferno (also made by Visceral Games) where you choose to kill or save a person. And some more open environments would be fantastic. Both of the numbered entries in the Dead Space series have pretty tight, narrow corridors and not much room to use a long-range weapon like a Seeker Rifle.
  • More Customization in Multiplayer: More weapons and being able to buy new weapons and upgrade them and your RIG at a bench.
  • More Scares: Pretty self-explanatory...

Don't Want:

  • 10-Hour Single-Player: I finished Dead Space 2 in almost exactly 10 hours. And that's with doing some exploring to find Power Nodes and Schematics. Just make it about 5 hours longer and that would be perfect.
  • Maddening Difficulty: A good amount of my deaths in game were cheap deaths from Enhanced Necromorphs who snuck up behind me while I had low health. I'm not saying to make the game a cakewalk, just make it less frustrating.

Alright, thanks all who read this, leave your opinions.

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