Dead Space


O'Bannon Spotted

OMG I saw the O'Bannon, well a quick glimpse, but I froze my computer in time to see it. It was floating through asteroids and looked like a smaller version of the Ishimura mixed with a UNSC Frigate from Halo. The ship itself isnt very big, but it does seem to be bigger than the Valor. So i dont know much else but if you want to see it it's on Youtube in the Aftermath trailer, well the teaser trailer, but its at 1:13 i think. I took a picture but i cant upload it sorry. :(.........though comment up on any fan art or things you hear or see of any up coming stuff from the new games and movies and comment and chat it up here on this blog.

Ally 02:55, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

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