So I was playing Dead Space 2 today and was just on the beggining chapters and I got to the part where you enter the hallway where you hear Tideman talking about getting to the nearest evac route and all that jazz. Well if you look outside the window you can see all the evacuation shuttles flying through the sky to escape the sprawl, well I found something new that I have never seen before in that moment or any moment of watching the shuttles escape.

Who knows they might not be shuttles even, I'm sure they are, but what I am about to tell you is a great discovery for me; the evacuation shuttles in the game are based off of the USM Valor and the USM Abraxis. These shuttles have sleeker bodies and no armants (that we know of) a sleeker engine column and definatley smaller in length, but if you look at pictures of the USM Abraxis and you look closley at the shuttles in the game you can tell they all look alike, just diffrent colors, please if anyone agrees with me please comment below.

Pictures uploaded here are taken from in game play, I do not own any of the content inside these pictures or the game itself. Thank you.

Dead space two

Side view of an escape shuttle leaving the sprawl's public sector near the tram station Isaac is traveling too.

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