Alright I was watching Dead Space downfall for like the bagillianth time last night before bed, and I just want to know something that happens in the movie that makes no sense. Here goes, so when Captain mattheius tells Vincent to get to A deck mess hall which should be located on the crew deck she goes there fights off the necromorphs and is saved by irons, but then she decides to head back to the bridge, no this is where I always am so puzzled, if Vincent and her team were in A-deck mess hall (which should be in the crew deck in the front of the ship) why the hell was she in Hydroponics, thats all the way at the back of the ship above the ship even, cause its in the towers in front of the engine, now you cant tell me that she was all the way in Hydroponics, it just doesnt add up.

So it makes me wonder, did the Ishimura have another hydroponics lawn near the Bow of the Ishimura, it seems highly improbable but slightly possible. Anyone have any thoughts? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O


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