Ok so I was waiting for a video on youtube to load when suddenly a flash caught my eye, it was Ellie and Isaac sitting in the flight seats of a larger Shuttle. Then the Shuttle caught on fire and broke apart in mid flight (just Isaacs luck) but also I saw some other things throughout the trailer that blew my mind.

  1. First was the exspanse of space that you are in, I mean wow Dead Space's graphics have always blown me away, but I really am in love with the little I have seen so far.
  2. There was something that looked like a sideways Planet Cracker, but a large vertical tower like object was protruding from it or floating behind it. I looked all around after I paused it and saw what I believed to be the spaceship or shuttle that Isaac and Ellie venture in. This could be used to get to one of the two planets already known to be in the game. This entire floating place is close enough to the planet that it could be a space dock.
  3. Another thing I noticed was that Ellie and Isaac are not alone when they reach the new space craft. Ellie is positioned in the right flight chair, Isaac is in the Left, an unamed character is positioned in the middle of the cockpit looking through a large viewing device, while another female is off to the far right in a navigation station or possibly comms, (other charcters could be aboard, but not seen.)
  4. Another thing that is said is there is another Planet Cracker in this game, it is unknown if we will get to venture aboard it.
  5. The space craft that Isaac crash lands in with Ellie and the un-named crew is something that looks like no other space craft used in the Dead Space universe so far. (The only quick view resemblance to anything is the large shuttles from the Dead Space comic series when the colonists attempt to evacuate Aegis VII.)

Overall i'm so freaking excited for this game, I will pre-order it and add it to my beloved Dead Space disk collection. :)

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