Name: Anthia (English spelling varient spelling of latin Anthea, meaning Flower)

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Gender: Feminan

Height: 5-6

Weight: 112


Hair color: Chocolate brown

Hair style: bob style, fine trimmed bangs longer sides

RIG: HasMat RIG, part mechanical, 90% free oxygon breathable, 10% armor increase, emergency ready


Anthia is a daughter of a Psec detective, she used to live on Earth, but was transfered to many diffrent ships and stations inclusing Titan Station AKA The Sprawl. Now Anthia lives on Uxor, she is preparing to move to the USG Perseus until Uxor is taken over by a Necromorph infestation. Anthia is known to be picky, smart, cunning, and beautiful to many who see or know her. Anthia is currently on Uxor attempting to escape by any means, continuosly trying to contact the Perseus.

What does everyone think so far?????

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