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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Charcter idea

    June 20, 2012 by BettyBoopKiss

    Name: Anthia (English spelling varient spelling of latin Anthea, meaning Flower)

    Age: 19

    Sex: Female

    Gender: Feminan

    Height: 5-6

    Weight: 112

    Hair color: Chocolate brown

    Hair style: bob style, fine trimmed bangs longer sides

    RIG: HasMat RIG, part mechanical, 90% free oxygon breathable, 10% armor increase, emergency ready

    Anthia is a daughter of a Psec detective, she used to live on Earth, but was transfered to many diffrent ships and stations inclusing Titan Station AKA The Sprawl. Now Anthia lives on Uxor, she is preparing to move to the USG Perseus until Uxor is taken over by a Necromorph infestation. Anthia is known to be picky, smart, cunning, and beautiful to many who see or know her. Anthia is currently on Uxor attempting to escape by any mean…

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Could this be the USG Perseus?

    I only ask this because it has the same parts as the Ishimura, but underneath it, and I was just wondering if anyone had similiar thoughts.

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Ok so I was waiting for a video on youtube to load when suddenly a flash caught my eye, it was Ellie and Isaac sitting in the flight seats of a larger Shuttle. Then the Shuttle caught on fire and broke apart in mid flight (just Isaacs luck) but also I saw some other things throughout the trailer that blew my mind.

    1. First was the exspanse of space that you are in, I mean wow Dead Space's graphics have always blown me away, but I really am in love with the little I have seen so far.
    2. There was something that looked like a sideways Planet Cracker, but a large vertical tower like object was protruding from it or floating behind it. I looked all around after I paused it and saw what I believed to be the spaceship or shuttle that Isaac and Ellie ven…
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  • BettyBoopKiss

    So I was playing Dead Space 2 today and was just on the beggining chapters and I got to the part where you enter the hallway where you hear Tideman talking about getting to the nearest evac route and all that jazz. Well if you look outside the window you can see all the evacuation shuttles flying through the sky to escape the sprawl, well I found something new that I have never seen before in that moment or any moment of watching the shuttles escape.

    Who knows they might not be shuttles even, I'm sure they are, but what I am about to tell you is a great discovery for me; the evacuation shuttles in the game are based off of the USM Valor and the USM Abraxis. These shuttles have sleeker bodies and no armants (that we know of) a sleeker engine…

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  • BettyBoopKiss

    Alright I was watching Dead Space downfall for like the bagillianth time last night before bed, and I just want to know something that happens in the movie that makes no sense. Here goes, so when Captain mattheius tells Vincent to get to A deck mess hall which should be located on the crew deck she goes there fights off the necromorphs and is saved by irons, but then she decides to head back to the bridge, no this is where I always am so puzzled, if Vincent and her team were in A-deck mess hall (which should be in the crew deck in the front of the ship) why the hell was she in Hydroponics, thats all the way at the back of the ship above the ship even, cause its in the towers in front of the engine, now you cant tell me that she was all the…

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