If you take a look at you can see that they are offering promotions for many EA games including DS2. I heard about it from an ad on XBL, but it didn't mention what the promotional content was. So I was in Target the other day and I figured I might as well get some Dr Pepper that was part of the promotion. When I checked the website for the first time I saw that the promotional content wasn't anything special. There are three multiplayer suits, and the useless 1,000 credits and plasma cutter ammo. I got one of the suits and it's nice and all, the website was easy to use but I wish they had included some single player suits or something.

I like that they're doing stuff like this but one drink gets you one promotion, so it's not really worth it. They could've at least made the suits for both single player and multiplayer. Well, I don't plan on using the other promotion code that I have, so if anyone wants it they're welcome to ask me for it. BatmanVampireNinja 18:22, April 2, 2011 (UTC)

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