I guess I will post here, owing to the fact that people apparently read these occasionally. However, because it is linked to Auguststorm1945, I'll keep the content down. Or up. Or as incredibly boring as possible.

I am essentially a military historian, and freely admit that there are numerous places, persons, events, items, formations, vehicles, etcetera that I do not know. If you have a history, preferably military, related question, I'd love to take time to get an answer for you. This user is not responsible for any ensuing death answers may cause.

When I say that my projects may kill you via boredom, I am only somewhat joking. There is a small chance, but a chance nonetheless, that I could talk someone to death. Or at least to the point where they would prefer death.

If I post any personal, it likely be brief, uninformative, and deliberately vague.

If you do take time to read these ensuing....articles, perhaps?, comment to your heart's content, even if you ranting at me in different languages or telling me something totally unrelated. I enjoy mail. Even hate mail; I dislike bad news, especially in light of an upcoming event, but beyond that, I appreciate whatever you have to say.

If what I post seems random, you should what is written elsewhere. However, that would be impossible, due to those writings being close to me at all times; at the point someone has taken by force from me, what they contain will not matter to me, as I will be dead.

Dead Space does scare me. Insomuch that it accents my regular paranoia.

Statement: Concluded.

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