• Auguststorm1945

    Statement: Idiot.

    January 3, 2010 by Auguststorm1945

    Dead Space, quite bluntly, disturbs me. It genuinely gives me the creeps.

    So when do I most often work on my various projects, which require me to watch some of the more disturbing sections over and over?

    I watch them from about...7:00pmish to around, oh, the early hours of the morning.

    I am an IDIOT.

    On a more positive note, my update for Chapter 1: 'Worlds Apart' is done! Ironically, I was accredited only 1 Edits' worth (I'm not complaining, only laughing) for +26,129 bytes of info.

    I'm working on Chapter 1: 'New Arrivals' right now, and it's coming along. I'm integrating the Audio/Video Logs into the transcript, though only the ones from Hammond and Kendra. We'll see how it goes (unless I botch it so horribly that I, along with my sub-par wo…

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  • Auguststorm1945

    Are you troubled by Bad Dreams? Kept awake by unrelenting Insomnia? Suffering significant Stress?

    Visit our Red Marker Therapeutic Spa!

    Not sure what’s causing all your ailments? See Dr. Mercer, our specialist at drilling straight to the issue!

    Our resident Psychiatrist Dr. Welland will give you a full profile of what’s going on in your head, while Dr. Sciarello will give you a full examination – and likely a good supply of sedative pills for your insomnia.

    Dr. Kyne will do all he can to prevent your problems from getting any worse, or as he puts it, “quarantining” your problems.

    You have our complete assurance that we will do everything we can to ‘Make you whole again’.

    After the huge success of the Black Marker Hotel and Casino, our CEO and founde…

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  • Auguststorm1945

    Statement: Martyrdom

    December 17, 2009 by Auguststorm1945

    Simple Post: Michael Altman was a planned martyr.

    Follow me on this; what better way is there to have your ideas embraced by multitudes? Martyrdom. If Altman died natural causes, a lot of the fervor dies away - no savior or rally point. If Altman commits suicide, well, who wants to join another suicide cult? (Though one could argue that once one has joined, one isn't leaving.) But...if Altman is "assassinated", that implies that he knew something special. That the big, bad, government silenced him to suppress his movement.

    The best way to inspire your people to unheard of levels of fanaticism? Die gloriously, cut down, slain defending his've got a movement, quite an impulse to such a movement.

    The best thing Altman could have do…

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  • Auguststorm1945

    Statement : This Blog

    December 16, 2009 by Auguststorm1945

    I guess I will post here, owing to the fact that people apparently read these occasionally. However, because it is linked to Auguststorm1945, I'll keep the content down. Or up. Or as incredibly boring as possible.

    I am essentially a military historian, and freely admit that there are numerous places, persons, events, items, formations, vehicles, etcetera that I do not know. If you have a history, preferably military, related question, I'd love to take time to get an answer for you. This user is not responsible for any ensuing death answers may cause.

    When I say that my projects may kill you via boredom, I am only somewhat joking. There is a small chance, but a chance nonetheless, that I could talk someone to death. Or at least to the point …

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