Okay now we know Nichole was dead with we put together the first letters of the first Dead Space:

  • New Arrivals 
  • Intensive Care
  • Course Correction
  • Obliteration Imminent
  • Lethal Devotion
  • Environmental Hazzard
  • Into the Void
  • Search and Rescue
  • Dead on Arrival
  • End of Days
  • Alternate Solutions
  • Dead Space

Okay, now apply the same idea with the chapters of Dead Space including the prolog title: 

  • Beginnings
  • Rude Awakening
  • On Your Own
  • The Roanoke
  • History's Ember
  • Expect Delays
  • Mayhem
  • Off The Grid
  • Onward
  • Now We Know
  • Signal Hunting
  • Autopsy
  • Reach for the Sky
  • Everything Has Its Place
  • A Change of Fortune
  • What Lies Below
  • A Strange City
  • Kill or Be Killed
  • Endings

This spells out "Bro The Moons Are Awake"...

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