Dead Space


Some of the Funniest cartoons i have ever seen!!!


Here guys(girls(iff you are one(i mean i am no macho(i can´t find a better translation from Google translator(google tranlator sucks) but is very unlikly to see a non lesbian girl who likes to kill alien zombies whit a bread cotter and find one of those on this wiki well you get the idea(and i am not agaist gay people to love each other) ...what were we talking about again?...oh right the cartoons.))))you can see some of my favorites cartoons !!! enjoy.

nº 1: Left 4 Speed(i still don´t know what does the speed stand for but its still funny) :

nº 2: a Depressed whale(you didn´t expect this one Huh?(you will undertsand it later)):

nº 3: Leo and Satan: algebra aversion(try to solve this one Lucifer!!!) :

nº 4: Fyat(he is going to try to be fyiet!!!) :

AND...Nº 5!!!: Chris and Harry!!!:

enjoy them all =D

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