• Acidic Cook

    This is COMPLETE SPOILERS. If you do not, and have not, gotten enough of the content within the Dead Space franchise, particularly Dead Space 3, do not continue reading!

    Okay. I played the game, and I must say that it was vastly better than Dead Space 2, and like Dead Space  was very good. I am talking, of course, about Dead Space 3.

    The change of the suit context is somewhat of a problem, as well as how the hallucinations are now integrated only to  Carver it seemed the entire time (although Issac has still Marker Influence, as we see from the Admiral's place, and Rosetta. not the same, though).

    If you do not know, and you probably don't, I rename much of what exists in Dead Space. Even if they have a name (they all do), I like to rename the…

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  • Acidic Cook

    Been thinking about Dead Space 3 again... been thinking a lot about Dead Space 3. If you do not know me, I am the creator of this thread:

    I think I am going to... revist Dead Space 3 again, in the mind set that I hold dear in my heart. Been thinking about a lot of ways to kills people, a lot of ways for the dead to reincarnate, a lot of ways for the dead to come back to multiply... lots of thought recently. I also have been looking at hallucinations as well, and I was even thinking about... a Fan Story. Maybe another time though. For now, we have some Necromorphs to invent, yes?

    The Defiler

    Ideas of hallucinations has always fascinated me... and I wish that they had im…

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  • Acidic Cook

    New Necromorph Ideas

    March 23, 2011 by Acidic Cook

    Well, I was thinking of what kind of necromorphs could be acceptable in the dead space franchise. I made up some ideas of necromorphs, and thought of about four. I can name what each is on here, before I state each one individually: The Snail, The Grapple, The Roach, and The Gemini (The Noss)

    The Snail

    A decapitated body with growth coming from the body, the Snail is a body with corruption-like growth on its back and parts of its limbs, as well as some burnt areas of the body, possibly dying by fire or severe heat. This necromorph is a strange one, as it may have lost its head, but it has nerves holding eyes upit with a substance the necromorphs are bet like a snail, except that it isn't straight up high. It also has two small teeth, possibl…

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