Dead Space


What Were They Thinking?!

I'm just gonna go on a little rant about a new multiplayer change, so let me know what you think about ths little change. So yesterday I fired up a game of Dead Space 2, and I noticed that something was different. After firing my pulse rifle's alt. fire at several enemies I slowly realized that they were not being knocked into oblivion. I usually fire my pulse's grenade at my enemy's feet to slow them down - which I'm sure most of you do too - and after several minutes of confusion and frustration I decided to watch the trajectory of my pulse's grenade. To my surprise, I saw that whenever I fired the grenade it would bounce off the floors and walls and detonate a few seconds later. After more experimentation, I also learned that the grenade only hurts enemies if it actually hits them, or after it detonates itself. This threw my game off for a while because I got used to hearing and feeling the explosion of the grenade, but now that the detonation is delayed most of the time - for me anyway - I feel as if I didn't shoot my weapon in the first place. This really bothers me because now I die much more often because I can't stop charging necrodude's unless I use my stasis. They also gang up on me more often now that I'm so defenseless without company. I know that people complain about the human team's advantages, but this is just ridiculous, and I no longer have fun being a human or necro because the challenge is gone. What do you guys think?

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