Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

Chapter Two: Hide and Seek

Written by AFriendlyNecromorph and DS2117


Ellie: "OMG, it's-"

Isaac and Ellie: "It's Kristen!"

Kristen: "What are you guys doing here?! :D"

Isaac: "We're just on our latest know how it is ;)" (Winks at Kristen).

Kristen: "Oh, right. ;)" (Winks back at Isaac).

Ellie: "I like what you did in your last fan-"

Isaac: "Shhh! (Cautiously whispers). Ellie, we're not supposed to talk about fan-fictions! He'll get mad!"

Kristen: "Come on, he can't be that bad."

Isaac: "Yeah, well..... You're not the one who he makes random references come out of your mouth!"

Kristen: "Isaac..... Relax. Why don't you count to 30, and I'll hide."

Isaac: "Hide-and-go seek? Ohhhhhhhhh...... I love a good hunt." (Smiles evilly).

Kristen: "Okay, Isaac. Just don't bring your Plasma Cutter."

Isaac: "You don't like my Plasma Cutter?"

Kristen: "Not when you're pointing it at me."

Isaac: (Looks down in shame). "I'm sorry Kristen...."

Kristen: "It's okay, Isaac. Now, count to 30."

Joseph: (Pops in). "Hey guys!"

Isaac, Ellie, and Kristen: "Hey!"

Joseph: "What are you guys doing?"

Ellie: "I don't know... We were gonna do something, and then Kristen popped-in out of nowhere... What were we gonna do, Isaac?"

Isaac: "Kristen, weren't we just playing hide-and-go seek?"

Kristen: "Issac, now is just not the time!"

Isaac: "Kristen, please? Can we play hide-and-go seek now?"

Kristen: "Later, Isaac. I don't want to play right now."

Isaac: "Frowny face! >:(" (Isaac huffs in frustration and crosses his arms).

Joseph: "Oh, Isaac, I didn't realize that I made you so upset by putting outside references in your mouth. I'm sorry, Isaac. :("

Isaac: (Turns his back to Joseph, then quickly turns back, laughing). "Awww...who am I kidding?! I never get to have fun! :D"

Ellie: "Tell me about it."

Isaac: "Visceral is always putting me in the worst possible situations, and then they make things even worse! Like that time I went to church." (Isaac has a flashback).

Ellie: "That looked like it hurt..."

Isaac: "No shit! But I'm still in one piece!"

Ellie: Noted. ;) (Winks at Kristen about Isaac).

(Kristens laughs soooo hard, Isaac sneaks up behind her and lifts her off the ground).

Isaac: "I got you..." (Isaac smiles).

Kristen: "Oh Isaac, I wasn't even playing, anyways. If I was really playing, it would be hours before you find me. XD"

Isaac: "The woman thinks she's a comedian. I hope you can handle her, Jo. She can be quite a handful."

Kristen: "Oh yeah... The man thinks he's the best just because he took down two Markers. Well Isaac, you got a lot more... Maybe more than you can handle..."

Ellie: "Ouch..."

Isaac: "My point exactly..."

Kristen and Ellie: "Yeah!" (Kristen and Ellie high-five.)

Joseph: "Alright, we better get going now."

Isaac and Ellie: "Bye!"

Joseph and Kristen: "Bye!" (They both pop-out of the story).

Ellie: "WTF just happened? :/"

Isaac: "I don't know, just keep smiling. :D"

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