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    Chapter 5

    January 11, 2012 by AFriendlyNecromorph

    Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

    WARNING: The following episode of Dead Space 2: Break-Fast is slightly more immature than usual and contains some mild kinda-sexual content - again, even more so than usual. It's not too bad, but it's raunchier than "Chapter Four: It Gets Raunchy". Read at your own risk.

    Chapter Five: Isaac Gets a Boner

    Written By AFriendlyNecromorph

    Future Isaac: "Hey there, Smexy!"

    Isaac: "JEEZUS CHRIST!"

    Future Isaac: "Hey Ellie! Come on out and say "hi" to my friends!"

    Just as Future Isaac calls Ellie, the driver's door of the vehicle opens up and out steps a woman with long, high-heeled pink boots; outfitted with a shiny, brand-new, futuristic magenta RIG.

    Isaac and Ellie: "Daaaammnn! Who's that?"

    Woman: "It's Future Ellie. . . . Bitch." (Came…

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  • AFriendlyNecromorph

    Chapter 4

    January 11, 2012 by AFriendlyNecromorph

    Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

    Chapter Four: You're Not Gonna Want to Smell This...

    Written By AFriendlyNecromorph

    With the help of

    • DS2117
    • Ryusenka16
    • A Wikia Contributor

    Thanks, guys! - AFN

    Isaac: "WUT?"

    Ellie: "I have to fart."

    Isaac: "Then let it rip!"

    Ellie: "RRRNT!!" (Fart sound.)

    Necromorph: "Ugh. . . . That is nasty."

    Spitter: To Necromorph: "Hey, you wanna go out sometime?"

    Kristen: "What the hell? Phew!!!! XD" (Smells rotten egg fart.)

    Isaac: "Dude, that's nasty."

    Ellie: "Why are you making fun of my farts? I thought we were friends. :("

    Isaac: "My girlfriend is dead, I’ve hallucinated over 30 times, so. . . . Yeah, I'm gonna joke all I want about whomever I want."

    Necromorph: "Aww! Gawd!!!!" (Smells nasty fart.) "Do these things ever go away!?"

    Kristen: "LOL, THIS A…

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  • AFriendlyNecromorph

    Chapter 3

    January 8, 2012 by AFriendlyNecromorph
    *"Hello there, my loyal two or three readers! You know who you are! I apologize for my unexpectedly extended absence from the DS Wiki, but AFN is back with an all new episode of DS2:BF, baby! Will this be the end of our heroes' wacky adventures, or the beginning of an even more slightly-hysterically disjointed, albeit convolutedly immature/immaturely convoluted, almost nonsensical story arc? Hell, I'm not even sure exactly what will happen next. I guess you'll just have to ask them instead of me." - AFN

    Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

    Chapter Three: It Gets Raunchy

    Written by AFriendlyNecromorph

    Ellie: "Isaac, do you think we'll ever see them again?"

    Isaac: "I kinda hope we don't. At least not until we aren't in a life or death situation."

    Ellie: "True that."


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  • AFriendlyNecromorph

    Chapter 2

    August 24, 2011 by AFriendlyNecromorph

    Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

    Chapter Two: Hide and Seek

    Written by AFriendlyNecromorph and DS2117


    Ellie: "OMG, it's-"

    Isaac and Ellie: "It's Kristen!"

    Kristen: "What are you guys doing here?! :D"

    Isaac: "We're just on our latest know how it is ;)" (Winks at Kristen).

    Kristen: "Oh, right. ;)" (Winks back at Isaac).

    Ellie: "I like what you did in your last fan-"

    Isaac: "Shhh! (Cautiously whispers). Ellie, we're not supposed to talk about fan-fictions! He'll get mad!"

    Kristen: "Come on, he can't be that bad."

    Isaac: "Yeah, well..... You're not the one who he makes random references come out of your mouth!"

    Kristen: "Isaac..... Relax. Why don't you count to 30, and I'll hide."

    Isaac: "Hide-and-go seek? Ohhh…

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  • AFriendlyNecromorph

    Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

    Chapter One: Frosted Flakes

    Written by AFriendlyNecromorph

    Something is not right in the Dead Space universe. Nothing makes sense, and our heroes must fight through nonsense, outside references, innuendos, randomness, excessiveness, and stupidity. The humanity... Who will survive the Outbreak-fast?

    Bad Guy: "I' Wait. Can it be? (Slowly and dramatically crawls closer). Yes it is! A chocolate pudding cup! All I need is a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a glass of orange juice, and I'll have a well-balanced and unstoppably evil breakfast! Muhahaahaha! Ahahahaahha! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Isaac: "No! We have to destroy his breakfast!"

    Ellie: "How?! It's in the Government Sector!"


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