This is my take on a classic zombies encounter series. Its titled " The Dying"



Yesterday was day one of the epidemic. Scientists call it the "Pollution". It viralizes the human body, forcing them to advance their aging, while a chemical in the body acts to regenerate what is lost. The result, the biologically immortal.

Today, all major cities district-wise around Australia, Europe, and Africa were evacuated into governmental facilities on private bases along the Bering Sea. No help came, just silence amongst along the dead and the dying. All other safe zones were self quarantined for prevention of the Pollution within hours. Destruction of infected areas were enforced universally.


It starts with a colony of survivors stationed at Rome, Italy when are attacked with large amounts of deadly pesticides and nuclear explosives brought about by the extrmination of infected areas. The colony recovers from the attack and emerge to relocate in a non-infected district. Split up, they set off for their journey in U.S. Hawaii.

Weapons and Combat

Technical Weapons-

- Assault Rifles

- Shotguns

- Pistols

- Explosives

- Traps

Tactical Weapons-

- Paper Mache Firearms

- Homemade Ranged Weapons

- Contact Strong Weapons ( Bats, Weed Whackers, Chainsaws with the ability to blast their chains to cut down multiple enemies, axes, farming tools, drills, jack hammers, knifes, scrapped parts.)

Melee can be used with weapons, or by switching out to Contact Strong Weapons. If the trigger is held down long enough, all melee weapons have at three-five executions and/or improvised attacks.

A special action button used the combination of Left Bumper+Right Bumper or L1+ R1 will pick up any objects near and instant and impressive executions. One example being picking up wrenches and pans of paint, shoving down into the Pollutants' throats and beating them to death with them, though, damage from attacks can still occur in the midst of the executions.

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