Zealot- Those under the influence of the Marker that seek out to kill the unpossesed with high endeavor.(high endeavor-n. zealot)


Weapon wielding- Okay the can fire weapons, butwill they Blast ammunition OR necrotic flesh, explosive pustule with some sort of recoil, are they mutated by the bacterium, but left human, and unscaved.

Melee- Carry any weapon that they can hold up, pick up, throw, initiate quarantines, attract necros?

Physical- Attack with fists, similar to DS: E

Morphant- One similar to a Zealot, made of the pieces of a Divider that have viseredthemselves onto victim(a variant of a divider, maybe they have RIG armor? as a defense they can absord necrotic tisue and expel it from their bodies to deflect damage for a short time? Could they scale walls.


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