A full, graphic, and beautifully 3-D animated trailer.

Isaac is strutting down a long and narrow platform. A large necromorphraises above him and Isaac fires a blast from his line gun. The scene transitions to Nicole withering and cremating into the wind. The flakes reveal several death scenes for Isaac. Starting from the head and down, Nicole erupts into flames and tarnishes in a small explosion. A scene enters where Isaac if defeating one of the major boss enemies before bleeding out of his eyes as the next scene continues his release from his stasis chamber. He coughs up dark venous liquids and inside them, he can see the reflection of marker symbols and new necromorphs mutilating survivors. The scene plays where Isaac is attacked a second time by the gunship, and blows up the ammunition canisters. A close up of Isaac's RIG health meter being healed is shown, briefly before DEAD SPACE 2 is shown.'

Song used: A fucked up version of clean up...clean up.......everybody clean up.....

for ds3 otr the next horror franchise, they should use momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird.

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