On the borders and outskirts of the Sprawl, several artificial moons have been purposefully infested with the necromorph invasion.

Take the role of dismemberment in the sights of criminal governor Khan Cantrell, and his cooperative-based team of PMCs who intend on killing the remaining civilians after they have found out that the outbreak that has reached them is his fault.

Watch and choose to lay waste to thosands. No matter how, they will still suffer the same fate.

DLC Exclusives Include:

Cooperative Campaign Gameplay (Optionable)

Multiplayer Component

New Excusive Necros

At least 3 Boss Battles

Ammunitions and Weapons trading between players


M-4C Repetition Carbine: An assault rifle that fires heated particles of absorbed moisture in timed, heavily powerful bursts. Its Secondary Fire initializes an accelerated fire without timed bursts, but is much weaker.

55-M Thermal Pistol: A magnum revolver that utilizes heated rays to fire as ammunition. This weapon is great for sniping out targets with its moderate accuracy and endeavorous precision. It secondary fire blasts a shot that causes the target to burst into a chemical waste. Shortly afterwards, whatever comes in contact with the chemical waste will ignite, and eventually burst as well. This only works on unarmored targets, and can be dispatched if the target continues to move. This effect influences sneak attacks.


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