I stayed calm as it felt like I was still being stalked. The pungent sense of the blood's odor flourished throughout my thoughts. I couldn't take it anymore, I gave in, and in an instant, I was unconscious. I was still in a hidden realm of my mind as I could of known what was happening. The devilish toil uprose aginst the final row os chairs in the long, and dark room that looked as if it represented a corridor. I raised my weapon against where it's chest should have been as it closed in on the sight of my existence. I gave in to the panic and cheering inside the brain of my body. It cam e closer, and its smell grew stronger, and stronger.

I was prepared for the moment I had to go, but this wasn't going t fill in for that dear moment. My whole life, I had chased that dream in the back of my head that I thought I had, oppurtunity. The paled and degraded man ran towards me, and I ran my fingers across my weapon until it was nearby the trigger.

He came closer, and closer. I wasn't expecting to die, as no memories of my life could bare to flash before my eyes. I saw nothing.

He ran faster, and I put all of my force into the trigger as I pulled it multiple times.

Large portions of smoke came out from the fiend's back. It looked at me as it fell to the ground with more than just a faint thud. The noise attracted more of them, but they were lured to the other room in the next hallway.

Their tentacles that terraced their raptured and skeletal arms that were at least an inch in diameter made their limbs powerful and heavy against the onslaught of victims that they had used them for. Their eyes, the skin that protected them was peeled back, and fastened well above their forheads.

The stampeded to the next corridor, leaving Ailena a free woman.

My identification is Ailena Freeman, and I am a test figure and model for the power that will drive humanity into the future. This is excavation sight code: 1-

Connection Disconnected

August 45, 2178

Lower Orbital Coasts

Artificial Controlled Moon Sigma 435

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