Chapter 1: Initiating Search for the Ishimura part 1

The following actions and sequences take place approximately 253 minutes after destruction of Aegis VII.

This is a recorded hololink uploaded by the crew of the USG O'Bannon and its security footage. Hololink #

00112001.B- Secondary Aegis VII report...................................................................................................

" Mrs. Siffand, are you en route to Aegis VII ? "

Siffand:" Copy, we will be arriving in a few moments Dr. Timson. "

Timson:" Your objective is to search for the Red Marker. Recently, we commissioned Warrant Officer Kendra Daniels

to monitor the actions of CEC, harvest information on the effects of the Red Marker, and deliver it to Timson Tools.

Siffand, if we record this information, we can run CEC out of planetary contract, and Timson Tools will run the deep space

mining business. I'm trusting you on this job, that's why you've been promoted to captain of this vessel. Don't fail.

Automated Voice: This message will repeat every 30 seconds until the comlink address is canceled.

Siffand cancels the comlink address. The O'Bannon pulls in close by to the Ishimura. The pilot pulls the gravity guage lock on to port the O'Bannon to the closest Hangar Bay. The ship comes to a hovering halt on the outside of the Ishimura's Hangar Bay. The engines are died down, and the gravity locks are stabilized. Siffand stands before a large podium in front of around 200 crew members.

Siffand:" Ladies and Gentleman, this is the USG Ishimura. Now, we didn't come here to make friends. We came here to record and exploit the inconsistency of CEC, we will retrieve the Marker, any fragment of it, and you will kill any thing you see on contact. Including the miners, they are you're top priority. We are splitting up into 5 separate parties.Officer Payton, you will lead Ezekiel, Albritton, Nigel, Zachary, Tyler, and Brandon, and their squads to the Bridge and the Computer Core. Officer Warner, you will lead Hanson, Jekyll, Erin, Jim, Waher, and Saywen, and their squads to Hydroponics. Officer Manson, you will lead the mining and science teams to the Mining Decks. Officer Saul, you will split the flight deck into two groups, one group guards the ship, boarding the Hangar Bay, the other keeps and maintains the O'Bannon on the outside of the Ishimura's Hanger Bay. "

"You should know where you are going, a full scale map of the Ishimura is softwared into your RIGs. Report on any intel. I will be boarding a shuttle with Officer Michael, Officer Wayne, and Sergeant Vasni to patrolling Ishimura's exterior. Now split up! "

Payton: " Alright Pansies, lets get a move on to the Bridge and Computer Core, arm yourselves with your Pulse Rifles, and your P-sec Pistols! "

The 4 assigned teams make their way off the O'Bannon via gravity walk, and into the Hangar Bay. the teams assigned to investigate walk into the Flight Lounge. Payton steps in as the first person the enter the room. He instantly triggers a short lasting quarantine that lifts after a brief moment.

Manson: ( Alarmed by the sudden noise. ) " Shit! "

Warner: " Ease down, your feeling tense. "

Suddenly, several people of the mining team collapse, bleeding severely from their ears. All of the doors except for the one they are standing around lock very loudly. A Slasher drops down from the ceiling on the other side of the Flight Lounge, separated by a thin sheet of glass. It jumps back down the air vent, and tries to enter through the vents on the other side of the room. There is a deep growl, and thumping noises across the ceiling, which have been boarded up by scraps of steel coating.

The door that they were standing in comes to a sharp close, separating Zachary and Jekyll in the Hangar Bay; Ezekiel is on the other side of the door, on the ground, and bleeding from a gash across the left side of his face. Payton takes out a cloth from his sidearms pocket and presses it to the remains of Ezekiel's left ear until he awakens from the quick shock. Several more thumps through the ceiling can be heard. A steel screech is heard. Warner hesitantly draws his Pulse Rifle and aims it upwards, following the movements of the noise.

A Slasher appears once again on the other side of the glass. It slowly raises its two distended arms and pounces them on the glass, cracking it. The remaining members of the mining team pull out P-Sec Pistols, and begin to fire non-stop at the Slasher through the glass. The Slasher dies shortly after a few rounds from their weapons. The attack only leaves a few holes in the glass. The doors unlock, and a pack of Slashers start to bang at the glass. As the teams exit the Flight Lounge, Warner hacks into door they just left and issues a lock on it. The next door down the hallway is an elevator that leads to the Tram Station.

As the door opens, the group decides to let only six board the elevator to the tram. As the elevator's door opens, it aggressively shuts on Albritton, ripping off a large portion of her upper skull. Moving her body out of the way, Payton, Manson, Hanson, Nigel, Erin, and Brandon board the elevator down to the tram. Down at the Tram Station, Payton accesses his account at the Ishimura's equipment and ammunition store. He purchases a Hydrazine Torch, and flame fuel, along with several health packages. He passes them around, providing everyone three medium health packages each. As he and the other five board the tram to the bridge, he uses his RIG to tap into Jekyll's and Zachary's RIGs.

From Zachary's point of view, several Slashers from the O'Bannon flight crew are gnawing away at his throat as he holds up a Pulse Rifle, and ignites it using a chemical match he withdraws from his mouth. As the Slashers are blasted apart, the scene is watched from a large vent by Jekyll, and three wounded men previously guarding the Hangar Bay. Zachary was somewhat under the effects of the Marker around the time he died.

As Payton and his newly chosen group step off from the tram, Erin and Manson are missing. On Aegis VII, Isaac is fighting off the Hive Mind.

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