Well, this is 1onskates, a am wht youd call a wikian. Today, i am loosing my ideas, fan fiction to the Dead Space universe.

this necromorph came from the concept of how cells divide before they must dy.....

Crop or Gullet: When you see a bipedal man overrun by the necromorph bacterium, he seems to have a slight amount of miniature versions of his body parts suspended from his torso.

How do you kill him, you blow off all the body parts or he'll get stronger over time. When he knows the odds are low, his intelligence will rise, He will blast his bodyparts on the floor, and they will rapdily manifest into members of the Corruption that will alarm other members of the necromorphs if you lumber into their proximity without killing them. Or, he will spawn a slasher from his body as it tumbles over, dry and bloody.

this necromorph came from the concept of a teen in the puberty stage. with pimples and boils inside him just waiting to burst.

Masticator: A male/female(not any diffrence besides body shape) with boils that have scourged the abdomen, wrists, neck, and legs. They attack with a large gaping moth composed of ribs emitting from their chest and their cheeks, the area between is hollowed out. They will not run, but are extremely sluggish, perhaps the slowest necromorph ever. What do you do now, you shoot the acne until their limbs explode at the elbows and

flesh from underneath extends to make fleshy, miniature drag tentacles that will proceed to drag you towards the Masticator's mouth. At this point, simply destroying one arm, or shooting its body to death will simply work.

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