Okay guys, add all you want via commentary. DS2 and DS3 are gonna fyckin rock ass. Here are some fan-fiction weapons, enemies, everything. MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

thses are the stats at the beginning use of these weapons

Plasma Saw

Ammo Cartridge Capacity: 40 seconds till overheating

Ammo Usage Capacity: 10 seconds

Primary Fire: Horizontal Swing with Melee Laser

Alternate Fire: Vertical Swing with Melee laser.

If such a direct hit is landed using any type of fire, a quick action sequence will be executed, and Isaac will withdrw the laser blade a few inches, stunning the necromorph. Then, Isaac can saw through the enemy in any direction, an instan-tkill.

Thermo Metre

Ammo Cartridge Capacity: 95

Ammo Usage Capacity: 65

Primary Fire: Unleashes a gas that locks on to a direct path and stays there for a few seconds while hazards pass through. The stabilized gas will act as a guillotine, slicing whatever passes through, and dispersing into a large storm of kick ass before disapearing.

Secondary: Launches a fast wave of gas that freezes an opponent or two, depending on the upgrade. Isaac will have to hold down the trigger until the enemy bursts into icy shrapnel, dismembering all other opponents in its range. If Isaac does not suceed, the opponent(*s will only lose a limb or two.

L64- A11 Pnuematic Nail

Ammo Cartridge Capacity: 4

Ammo Usage Capacity: 1

Primary Fire: Like a battering ram, Isaac will hold up the weapon, and steel beam with a flattened rectangular base at the end of it will push the necro back into a wall, or back a good distance. Ifthe enemy is already close to the wall, happy spam.

Secondary Fire: The base of the weapons will sink into an enemy's flesh, Isaac can lift up the necrountil he thrashes to death being hooked by the nail, or find a chance to attack Isaac. Isaac also has a chioce of simply launching the necro into another necro at over 250 mph.

Necro Variants, not individual category necromorphs

Pincer: A lurker variant that can sprout clumps of necrolized cells that will slowly turn into swarmers.

Shemale: A male slasher that when decapitated, will give birth to a member of the pack through the head, or whats left of it.

Bulger: An Exploder without an explosive sack, but instead, a tumerous arm with long, extended digits and the left arm portruding out of it.

New Necros

Snapper: A pale, elderly woman with necrotic flesh from where her breats used to be, entangling her arms. When approached, she will be forcefully pulled in half down to her waist by her necrotic tissues. Like a rubberband, she will continue to stay like this until encountered at close range. Then she may trigger an action sequence, or kill you instanttly by crushing you with both sides of her body.

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