As stated at Comic Con, Dead Space was partially inspired by the Alien franchise. The upcoming Co-Op game " Aliens Colonial Marines" should be coming off the shelves in Nov. 11 2010, this is what i hav found out when i looked online for preorders of game stop.

Aliens: Colonial Marines retains a connection the popular filming media with protagonist, Ellen Ripley, but takes place around the time of Alien 3, where Colonial Marines are commissioned to LV 426. Gameplay involves the Pulse Rifle - with grenade launcher attachment, Pistol, Shotgun, Incinerator, RPG, and various types of grenades to be used as weapons against a variety of aliens including Chestbursters, Face Huggers, Drones, Scouts, Warriors, and the Queen alien.

Gearbox claims that there are many environments, but not much is told.

Human Weapons from the Alien Series

Ithica M37(Shotgun)

M4A4 Semi-Auto Pistol(9mm)

VP-70 Automatic Pistol (Burst-Fire) MP9 Close Assault Machine Gun (No stopping power Higher Right of Fire)M41A/2 Pulse Rifle(Incredible Stopping Power + Grenade Launcher)

M240B Flamethrower(its a flamethrower)

M56 Smartgun(Alien's version of a mini-gun/chaingun)

USMC Auto Handgun ( Fully Automatic)

M83 SADAR(rocket launcher with reasonable rate of fire, but not strong enough to penetrate armor)

M83 SADAR AMAG (aerosol magnesium, takes out multiple enemies with multiple munitions, can penetrate armor)

MN54-7 Grenade Launcher( fire stun grenades, static grenades, frag grenades, proximity grenades, incendiary grenades)

M42C Sniper Rifle(low rate of fire, high damage from above the waist shots, high zoom)

To me, if they go ahead and release, then i would want a weapon similar to the Javelin Gun on theis wiki, a plasma machine gun, and auto grenade launcher.

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