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    At the purely unstable expectations from mankind, there was a power struggle between fantasy and nonfiction: a hint to the unworldly fate of their race.

    Light Novel 1

    Issue - Curor

    written by : 1onskates

    Having evaded Titan Security soldiers, Nathan McNeil watched as he blended well in the background of a shadow. Several men were scouting the area looking for him. He strips from his clothes to further disappear. He witnesses his two aliases being escorted to an unknown location by the same men. Lexine Murdoch and Gabe Weller.

    Once the men disappear, he looks around to see if the area is clear. With no one near, he runs naked to his shuttle, previously accompanied by Lexine and Gabe. They have just landed on the Sprawl.

    The environment was bare. …

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    usually in the dead space title you see a linear game you see snazzy weapons creepy enemies and modern graphics for the next spinoff continuation for the we need to see somethinmg more either an expansion of the platinum standard series were the decrofit of dead spaces flaws.Viceral games did a great job with thwe dead space universe;why?how?

    Here are lists and afterthought about ea should deliver in the next sequal;1-the story needs to revole around true horror

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    DEAD SPACE is out for iphone ipod touch ipod and ipad.

    the story follows the character of " Vandal"

    and it will rack up the ties with ds 1 and ds2, along with your favorite necromorphs, and five eclusive weapons, the plasma saw has been confirmed by ign and the line gun, and ripper have already been seen in gameplay.

    oh, and will you look at that, a new rig. possibly some new necromorphs. the websites say it has amazing graphics and elevator sequences and what not. unlike ds extraction, it doesn't seem to have a hud.

    im thinking its gonna be like ds for the nintendo ds.

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    The Dying

    January 1, 2011 by 1onskates

    This is my take on a classic zombies encounter series. Its titled " The Dying"



    Yesterday was day one of the epidemic. Scientists call it the "Pollution". It viralizes the human body, forcing them to advance their aging, while a chemical in the body acts to regenerate what is lost. The result, the biologically immortal.

    Today, all major cities district-wise around Australia, Europe, and Africa were evacuated into governmental facilities on private bases along the Bering Sea. No help came, just silence amongst along the dead and the dying. All other safe zones were self quarantined for prevention of the Pollution within hours. Destruction of infected areas were enforced universally.


    It starts with a colony of survivors stat…

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