Dead Space Wikia, tell me about your MOst Anticipated Games for what's left of 2011.

This is my list for the high 6 of my most anticipated games and my reasons for why they should be good/bad releases for 2011-

6. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

Ingame co-op- storymode and multiplayer

Back-to-original roots gore-style of the classic Resident Evil Franchise

Is actually fun aside from Resident Evil 5

could be frustatingly repetitive due to its un and gun, hack and slash design

Runs along in alternate history to Reasident Evils 2 and 3

5. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Has an addition of well crafted multiplayer

Great Story

Graphics are nearing perfection, aside from water interaction and certain physics-based explosions


No co-op

sequel to game of the year

based on an original story

4. Assassin's Creed: Revelations

It is the finality of a trilogy

Multiplayer should be evn more craft, smart, amazing, and clever in its own unique lusters

The online graphics are more appealing to me than the campaign's which is odd

Some of the scripted events are pausy of you are all about graphical performance

Story is indigenous to anything you've ever played

attracts a large fan base without the use of assault rifles and gigantic explosions

3. Battlefield 3

Has a great sense of realism rather than the cartooney, ."'i'm a hero so i'll die or live near the end as always to a plot that involves russians and whatnot every FREAKING game" Call Of Duty

Pertains to its genius prequels and sub-games with an always promising class-based, multiplayer experiences with 20+player matches-+50 for pc

has a new game engine that calls for earthquake rendering, building collapses, stellar sound design, and addicting graphics

A shooter that doesn't rely on shooting every enemy as fast as you can, but requires you to plan ahead and think

Comes from a shoot 'em up series that never can fail to impress

2. Resistance 3

A game that matches up to Left For Dead, and makes XBox fans want a ps3

Epic sci-fi bloody, gruesome, actiony, alien goodness

A diffrent approach to the FPS genre with alien weapons and shiny stuff

2-player co-op campaign

expansive online player capacities of 16 versus with 2-player mp co-op

has emotional stroytelling that depicts what happens to the human popuation, exposing our horrible retaliations on life in a crued situation

is set in the past, loaning the player with a retroactive feel

1. Dead Island

A new title that isn't 'Blah Blah 2,3,4, or 10,000,000!'

Is an FPS game that focuses heavily on melee combat

Has a co-op campaign, which we should know that by now, is the new limit for videogames

co-op drop-in drop-out multiplayer so matches can no longer be interrupted

has zombies

is an RPG

has a decent plot, up to date graphics, and a smooth trailer to back it up

disclaimer: I do not claim to hate COD, I just know that it is soon becoming a walking cliche. The zombies mode is fun, and online is enjoyable. The game series can just be too repetitive.

Give thoughts on your top games for the second half of 2011. Year of the PS3!

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