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  • I live in Gliese
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is 1onskate's Stopgap Account
  • I am PC
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    Olo, if you r offendeded, then get over it cauz Dead Space 2 could be Game Of The Year if you vote for it right now on

    In the 1ST round, Dead Space 2 is squaring off with inFamous 2. The ratio is 52% percent to 48% percent with Dead Space 2 in the lead.

    Log into G4TV, create an account as fast as you can and make sure that the numbers hit hard in order for one of our most favorite franchises to win against inFamous 2 ((!))

    Shade Link, Jimmy has margarine drizzling inside his overalls.

    Thank you all, and please, have a blessed day.

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    1) Your hear the catchy phrase " Together as One," or "Convergence is Coming." What Do you Think?-

    A. What did you just say? You've got to be kidding, right?

    B. Sounds divine. Sounds new and refreshing, actually. Where, where did you hear this from? I might be interested.

    C. So what?

    D. Im a friggin' atheist, does it matter?

    E. Scientology did it first. Case in point.

    2)You're walking all alone during your Wednesday night shift, eating a snack from the vending machine in your boss' office. You hear a voice. Then, you hear it again. A garbled, conceited, human shrill screaming for your help! What Do you Do?-

    A. "Yeah, who-who's down there?" (You slowly stumble away and never return, certain to find a new job by next week.)

    B. Wonder what that was? O…

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    -The following is based on a Crossover Fan-Fiction between Assassin's Creed Revelations and Dead Space 2


    Renaissances- rebirths in history, were very important at times. When spontaneous generation was believed. When televised programming was predicted to never pull in any success. When IBM wasn't as heavily invested in when it should have been. All of these are based on perceptions to our very existence as a whole. Our paradigms. How we percieve life.

    Clause One: Ezio Auditore

    It was the Renaissance of Europe in the 14th through 17th Centuries after Jesus the Christ was born, inducting the A.D.*Anno Domini* timespan. Dawning from Florence, Italy, the overlay of culture was carried by the strong belief in faith. Religion vexed the…

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