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"This is USM Shuttle Intrepid hailing the freelancers in control of the USG Ishimura, stand by for boarding."
—Captain Amise
USM Intrepid
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The USM Intrepid is an EarthGov shuttle/ship captained by Captain Amise, sent after the Second Aegis VII Incident to recover the Red Marker.

The entire crew is killed by Necromorphs after Schneider tricked the crew into believing that him and his group were in cargo bay 4 on level 5 (4-L5). As the ship approached it landed in the bay ready for action until the trap is sprung and Necromorphs attack the crew.


  • The ship is VTOL capable.
  • At the end of Dead Space: Salvage Intrepid is left aboard the USG Ishimura, though its fate is unknown.
  • The Intrepid was said to be an EarthGov Shuttle, but is later specified as a ship.


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