USM Eudora
USM Eudora Symbol 3
Production information
Technical Specifications


64.05 meters


49.41 meters


32.94 meters

Engine Unit(s):

ShockPoint Drive


1 light plasma cannon battery

Heavy ordinance







Earth Defense Force

Known Owner(s):

Earth Government

Known Crewmembers:

Mark Rosen
John Carver
Unknown EDF Pilot

Known commander(s):

Captain Robert Norton


"Norton, which ship is the Eudora?"
—Isaac Clarke
"The bigger one that just flew over your head!"
—Robert Norton

The USM Eudora was an EarthGov vessel captained by Robert Norton.



Events of Dead Space 3Edit

The Eudora was tasked to find Isaac Clarke on the New Horizons Lunar Colony before Danik and the Unitologists could kill him in the uprising. Catching up to Isaac as he escaped the city on a train, the Eudora fended off two Unitologist gunships over the train before picking up Isaac and shocking away from the Moon.

Following the vessel's successful blind shock to Tau Volantis, the ship was almost struck by the debris, but it's pilot, Rosen was able to maneuver around it. Attempting to locate Ellie Langford's ship, the Eudora was attacked by the automated mines and the bridge was severely damaged before the ship began to fall apart.

After the Eudora began losing power, Isaac ventured through the collapsing ship to reach the EVA Suit and helped the rest of the crew jettison from the crumbling craft into the debris field toward the CMS Roanoke as the Eudora exploded.


549 max

The USM Eudora

The Eudora's design was a large H shaped bow section that retreated into a hunched mid section that had a large spot light that folded flush to the hull on it and three sets of thrusters off the aft of the ship. Two of the thrusters could pivot downward to give the ship a vertical take-off and landing effect while maintaining forward flight. These adjustable verniers allowed the ship to maintain a hover if needed. On the underbelly of the ship, 4 radar arms gathered telemetry, tracked targets and calculated shockdrive jump coordinances. While jumping, the arms folded up and out of the way. In between the two sets of arms lied the rear entence to the ship with extendable catwalk. This was where Carver pulled Isaac up after the train sequence at the end of Chapter 1. 



The USM Eudora firing its Heavy ordinance

The ship's main weapon consisted of a light battery which fired what appeared to be concentrated balls of green plasma that could take out Unitologist gunships in a single shot. However, the battery was vulnerable to fire as it was seen when a Unitologist gunship destroyed it in the enagement on New Horizons. The Eudora also had heavy munitions onboard to deal with larger ships or structures as it was demonstrated when the Eudora destroyed the massive Ptolemy Station.

Aftermath of ordinance on Ptolemy station


The Eudora

USM Eudora's Schematics

featured four known sections, a command bridge, a living area consisting of bunk beds and tables/chairs, a dedicated sanitation area including showers and lockers and a large room containing a ramp mechanism which appeared to be large enough to accommodate cargo. The ship also featured an automated voice warning function like all of the other ships in the Dead Space series. It did not appear to have blast shields like the USG Kellion. The ship provided numerous life preservation devices located around the interior as well as a dedicated escape module. This module was used by Rosen and Locke after the ship's destruction. The module was a large cubic room that Isaac must manually launch from the ship and follow it along with Carver and Norton to the CMS Roanoke.


  • The ship had it's own emblem that was printed in various places around the ship.
  • The Eudora was visually larger when it was explored by Isaac than when it was observed on the outside.
  • The Eudora had two automated voices on board with one sounding more masculine and another sounding like ANTI from Dead Space 2.
  • Isaac retrieved his first suit in the game which was the EVA suit.
  • The Eudora was the second ship that sustained heavy damage on-screen from the space debris right out of ShockPoint after the USG Kellion.
  • This ship had a small crew similar to the USG Kellion.
  • It is unknown what class of ship this is.
  • The ship had at least one escape module on board.
  • The name Eudora comes from the Greek female name "Ευδώρα" which is comprised of the words "ευ ~ ef" (meaning "well") and "δώρο ~ doro" (meaning "gift").
  • If the player looks at the right arm of the EarthGov soldiers in chapter 1 you can see the Eudora logo, suggesting they are the Eudora's crew members. This makes sense as in the novel Dead Space: Liberation, Norton has a crew of several dozen EarthGov soldiers.
  • There was also an unknown co-pilot on USM Eudora who firstly annouced the timer until reaching destination, as he situated on the far left of the ship. He was presumably killed by either the automated mines' explosions or the space suction at Eudora's main deck.