USM Abraxis
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Production information



Technical Specifications

Engine Unit(s):

ShockPoint Drive



Transport those with information about the Marker—shown by the number of bodies stored as well as the fact of who is stored, one of which is Isaac Clarke.

Known Crewmembers:

Known commander(s):


The USM Abraxis was an EarthGov warship that recovered the only four survivors from the USG O'Bannon and escorted them to the Sprawl, they also recovered Isaac Clarke and escorted him to the Sprawl too. It carried a number of EDF Marine units, as well as an interrogation team and other high-ranking EarthGov personnel.

Ship DesignEdit

The Abraxis, for a ship of its apparent size, was very agile, building on its combat role. The ship was armed with multiple cannons, which were powerful enough to destroy a ship of the USG O'Bannon's size with ease. The vessel contained multiple facilities for the holding and interrogation of a large number of captives.


  • The USM Abraxis is the only location shown in the Dead Space universe that has not been infected by Necromorphs at some point.




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