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Tram Station Locations

The USGIshimura's Tram System was a monorail system with an automatic schedule[1] providing fast and easy access to each section of the mammoth C.E.C. flagship. Due to having a single rail, a single damaged tram will prevent travel throughout the ship, however the floor of the tram's railway can be traversed.[1]

Maintenance BayEdit

This large room is where trams are hoisted up by crane so maintenance can be performed.

Crane ControlEdit


Tram Control RoomEdit

This room contains the computer which controls the Tram System and can call a tram to the Flight Deck Tram Station. The computer requires a data board to function.

Tram Repair RoomEdit

This room allows trams to be removed from and the Tram System for maintenance and repair.

Tram StationsEdit

Tram stations are points on the ship where passengers can leave the tram, and new passengers can come on

Bridge StationEdit

Crew Deck StationEdit

Engineering Deck StationEdit

Flight Deck StationEdit

Hydroponics Deck StationEdit

Maintenance Deck Station[2]Edit

Medical Deck StationsEdit

The medical deck is unique in the fact that it possesses two tram stations. Presumably this is to make it easier for injured or ill crew members to get to this deck and receive medical attention.

First StationEdit

Second StationEdit

Mining Deck StationEdit

Ore Storage Deck StationEdit

Tram TunnelEdit


  • Tram Stations are safe zones in Dead Space as Necromorphs never attack Isaac at them, but are not in Dead Space: Extraction as Eckhardt, Lexine, McNeill and Weller are attacked by a large group of Slashers at the Hydroponics Deck Tram Station before fleeing on the Tram. Nor in Dead Space (mobile) as Vandal is attacked on the Sprawl's tram system as well as off in one instance. This instance being you get off and as you go to exit the Tram Station a quarantine locked is initated and you must kill the Necromorphs to proceed.[2]
  • Some of the panels on the edge of the Medical Deck Tram Station platform are raised. This could imply that all the panels could be raised at any of the Tram Stations cutting those Decks off from the Tram System.[3]
  • The Ishimura Tram System in Dead Space 2 is Damaged thouroghly, mainly between the Bridge and Medical Deck. Only one Tram is used on the Ishimura in the second game, and it should be noted in the tunnel between the Medical Deck and Bridge that two Crashed Trams can be seen (One pinned against the Ceiling, one against the floor)




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