• here's a list of my ideas for enemies in a theoretical "Dead Space 4" would look like.

    feed back is welcome and encouraged 

    Name: Wandering Hive (Pregnant on steroids concept)

    Size: 3.3 m.

    Weight:406.4 kg.

    Physical description: The Wandering Hives  resemble large four legged spiders ; with 4-5 slimey grey human corpses fused to make up the spider like main body; the main body is covered in small holes, from which  Enhancers emerge; four sharp pointed legs, similar to elongated Slasher scythes, each made up of two human corpses, conjoined by a large yellow pustule at the joint.

    Gameplay: Wandering Hives are massive, very rare necromorphs, serving as mini-bosses. In battle, they release large amounts of  Swarm, along with strange  creatures known as enhancers. Along with this, their legs are deadly weapons on their own, dealing heavy damage with slam attacks. Wandering Hives Would likely serve a purpose similar to the Tripod  from DS2, only being encountered once or twice the whole game. The Wandering Hives have only one weak point, being the yellow flesh on its leg joints. When all legs are severed, the main body falls to the ground and explodes releasing several Swarm.


    Leg Slam: The Wandering Hive slams one of its bladed legs down on Isaac, dealing medium damage and, if he is below half health, initiating a QTE

    QTE: The Wandering Hive knocks Isaac down and attempts to slam its leg down on Isaacs torso and impale him. Isaac grabs the scythe and pushes against it. If Isaac succeeds, he pushes the leg up and rolls out of the way as it slams down on the floor.

    Spawn: 7-12 Swarm; 3-6 Enhancers, emerge from the holes in the Wandering Hive’s main body mass.

    Charge: The Wandering Hive slams whichever pair of limbs is facing the player on the ground, before charging across the ground at high speeds. If Isaac is hit he takes heavy damage and is knocked prone.

    Death scenes:

    QTE fail:   If Isaac fails, the leg slams down and impales him, the Wandering Hive begins to draw Isaac’s corpse  into its main body with a set of hidden tendrils that slither from the beast’s underside.

    Charge attack: Isaac is violently dismembered by the Wandering Hive’s scythe limbs as they click across the floor.

    Name: Enhancer

    Size:0.5 m. Weight:0.4 kg.

    Physical description: Enhancers superficially resemble normal singular specimens of “the swarm”, except significantly larger and covered in a strange fluorescent yellow ooze.

    Gameplay: Enhancers are deceptively deadly, despite their small size. They serve a similar purpose to infectors, however, they have a deadly trick up their sleeves. Necromorphs revived by, or “rode” by Enhancers begin to develop a tough black carapace and increased speed and strength. Along with this, these necromorphs are granted regenerative properties while the enhancers are on their body. Luckily, they cannot attack Isaac on their own and take a single shot to be destroyed.

    Attacks: N/A

    Death scenes:

    Variant death: If Isaac is killed by a necromorph with an Enhancer still attached to it,instead of the necromorphs normal death scene, the Enhancer, jumps onto Isaac, and several more crawl onto him. He struggles violently, until Isaac’s visor drops, and one of the creatures wraps around his mouth and smothers him. Isaac falls to the ground before he begins to transform into an Enhanced Twitcher.

    Name: Illusionist

    Size: 2.1 m. Weight:140.6 kg.

    Physical description: The Illusionist resembles a less skeletal version of a Stalker, standing upright, although with slightly slouched and tired looking posture. The creature possess long, sickle shaped claws on each of its fingers. It’s dull, pale yellow skin is covered with unitological characters, spelling out simple words and phrases such as “Convergence ” or simply “Kill Isaac”.

    Gameplay: Illusionists, despite their unsettling appearance and terrifying claws, shy away from the player, ducking behind cover, crawling into vents, or simply shambling out of site when spotted, until the player looks away again. That is, until Isaac begins to hallucinate. Illusionists let out horrific cries that trigger flashbacks and hallucinations, during which they charge at Isaac ferociously, similar to hunters. During hallucinations, the creature’s bodies are blurred and they attack with the ferocity of  a Brute and the speed of Twitchers, making them a vicious foe. Luckily, these necromorph induced hallucinations end in around 6.5 seconds, and the Illusionists return to their normal, limping cowardly selves, and the screams have a limited radius. This limit on time however, does not apply to Isaac’s random hallucinations at scripted locations.


    Slash: The Illusionist does a lunging slash at Isaac, dealing medium damage.

    Bite: The Illusionist grabs Isaac and bites him before throwing him to the ground violently.

    Fatal Slice:  The Illusionist rears its arm back, before swinging them hard at Isaac. If Isaac’s RIG is at orange or red, he is cut in half and killed instantly. If his RIG is yellow or higher, it initiates a QTE, if Isaac succeeds, he rips the creature's arm off.

    Deaths:  QTE Fail: The Illusionist attempts to slice Isaac in half  and initiates a QTE. If Isaac fails, the Illusionist violently slashes at Isaac in a manner similar to the Twitcher’s death scene in Dead Space 3 , before cutting him in half at the waist. Isaac’s torso crawls helplessly for a few seconds until the Illusionist stomps his head, killing him instantly .

    Fatal Slice attack: Isaac is cut in half at the waist

    Bite attack: The Illusionist  bites off Isaac’s head before kicking him to the ground.

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