• We all know that Necromorphs turns into a sludge stew when the Red Marker in control of them is destroyed. So would it be safe for a human to consume that slugde? Also, one of the audio logs in the Ishimura in DS2 mentions that the sludge reanimates itself when in the presence of a Marker. Wouldn't the reanimated Necromorph soup just be a sludge monster?

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    • Well in my opinion it's dangerous because,when a marker is activated the sludge will turn back into a necromorph.If you swallow it you can turn into one as well.

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    • In the book Dead Space: Martyr the sludge has proven to be a source of infection while it is alive (under Marker's effect). It planted itself inside a corpse's neural web by moving on its own. So it seems that the sludge doesn't directly attack live humans.

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