Dead Space

I got a question...Master chief vs Issac Clarke

  • Both are outfitted with thier strongest suits

    Issacs rig is fully upgraded and keep in mind Issac has healing packs so with out having to do anything it would heal him.Also keep in mind the energy sword is plasma.

    Issac:He has the plasma cutter,C99 super colidder beam,hydrogen touch flamethrower,and the moterized pulse rifle.(Yes he has the ability to fly)

    Master chief:Has his pure luck of finding the other weapons.He is currently carriying a MA5B and a magnum.

    Weapon rivels:C99 V Spartan laser (In my opinion C99)

    flamerthrower V magnum (Considering the Magnum is very powerful which it is)

    Plasma cutter V gravity hammer and energy sword

    Pulse rifle V all UNSC machine guns

    WHO WILL WIN!!!!??????

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    • Btw guys Issac can use alternate ammo.
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    • A Fandom user
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