• In chapter 7 of dead space 2, when you go down a hall to cut the engine on, an apparition of Nicole waits for you but I found a glitch: while still in hallucination make sure you turn around and go back from where you came from entry, and go save the game. Leave the game. Go back to saved data and go to the space engine room and you will find An UNDEAD Nicole, without the lights glowing from her eyes and mouth. She will stay there standing until you activate the space engine, but it will only work if you are in the hallucination and you leave the room to go save it before it is over. Gamer tag ps3 RebelWarrior101

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    • is there anything she does? like something special for doing the glitch. or is it just a gme fluctuation?

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    • 2spooky4me

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    • A FANDOM user
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