• If this will be the last Dead Space I think they should add Suit Customization as to where you can change the helmet look or give a paint job to it and change the light colors on it as to where you can look like a total badass or make a rainbow suit and slay them all fabulously. If you beat Dead Space 4 on Hardcore mode I think in my opinion this is the suit you should get (bear in mind they could tweak it to look more like a dead space suit) .This is just my input any ideas you can think of? Enemies? Weapons? Nachos? I dunno.

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    • something i would really like so see in deadspace 4 would be deadspace 2 multiplayer + co-op mode

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    • what I would like to see / hope for in Dead Space 4

      More focus on Horror. It wasn´t really present in the 2nd or 3rd game, sure it had the Necros but not really anything that made you jump in your seat.

      More levels that has Stealth elements in them would be very nice imo.

      More interesting outfits, the one in DS3 was just plain boring and didn´t offer much in regards to stats like in the first and second game.

      Bring back the sever limbs "aspect"  both 2-3 you could just head shot the necros and they would go down no problem.

      less focus on Co-Op more focus on Single players, I know I´m in the 1% but I would like to finish a game without having to depend on other people, as in getting a platinum trophy for the playstation or a 1000 gs for the xbox.. I had platinum in both DS 1 & 2 but then COOP had to be intruduced and that was it for me. typical online trophies I miss the days where one could play games and not worry about having to depend on finding someone to help you finish the game.. I might come off as being selfish but I play these sort of games for me and the challenge the games may offer.. Thats not to say I don´t play with others just not the game that I consider singleplayer game ( Dead Space, Darksiders and most recent Shadow of Mordor, which btw had so much potential but just ended up being a wasted opportunity for a awesome game.

      naturally a continuation of the Dead Space story though hope the writers put more effort into it, both the Marker storyline but the Isaac/Ellie story as well. And perhaps keeping Carvers story as a standalone DLC expansion, would be awesome, Maybe he finds out his son might stil be alive (maybe was sent to grandparents or something)

      No Multiplayer, but if it HAS to be, then keep it simple and keep your focus on making a great Campaign game (Singleplayer game) the multiplayer in the previous DS game was not a big succes.

      Better Puzzles and more "repair"  elements in the levels, again not much seen in 2&3 where you had to fix various items/ machines.

      this is just what I could remember at the moment but more might be added at a later date.. :)

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    • Stick with the Singleplayer horror. Heck I would like to see a female main character in place instead. Go back into space on a giant ship with hell everywhere, death in every corner and surprises waiting.

      I like the Idea to customize your armor but dont focus too much on adding perks or some shit. Just a system where you add armor, slots, inventory etc. Then...No MC ruined it for me in 2-3.

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    • I think something very original would be a game almost totally into Space (like its name says) . I know it looks a bit crazy, but we could imagine a new armour, with a larger oxygen capacity, more resistance, a minimap to help you orientating in a permanent upside down environment. There would be lot of recharge station, as well as unexpected enemies everywhere, necromorphs more sneaky than ever.

      I imagine it would be very frightening to move in a constantly silent environment, with the pressure put by the time of oxygen remaining. Maybe it is a bit silly, but I think it would be a great conclusion to a game which explored every possible space environment (spaceship, spacestation, planet).

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    • Dead space 4 should have  necromorphs that fight along side you

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    • wrote:
      Dead space 4 should have  necromorphs that fight along side you

      We need alien tech for that, though it'd be interesting to see other necros getting swarmed by the pack or something.

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    • I've actually been planning a new Dead Space game in my head if you guys are interested to hear it?

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    • Ok guys this is all my work so I'd apprciate it if no-one steals it but you are welcome to critisise and add your own bits but before you ask, yes there is other game ideas in there so you don't get confused

      ps i probably stole a lot of material from other games so stfu

      pss I believe that we ask Visceral to remake DS1 with a fresh NextGen breath of dead space ( haha little joke ) but yeah with a more detailed look into the Ishimura a

      nd her downfall,..... and for fuck's sake, A more detailed asthetic charm is needed inside of the ship because running from Necromorphs into a random hallway leading to a supply closet wouldn't hurt. anyway Games idea.

      Theme madness/dead space branch Ultimate feeling of Being alone. If you where the only planet in the galaxy. Chapters. Different POV. SCAF research facility and ship. Nazi style propaganda littered throughout game with varying visual intensity as game progresses.

      Explore facility then travel to ship to escape but find ship infected and derelict.

      Different characters, part of a repair/security crew on a military ship. Ship lands in facility safely. story progresses and player returns to ship to escape but crash lands out side facility.

      No Repetition in enemies. Players soon find enemies predictable. Know which vents/ places they will pop out.

      Have a random number of times a random encounter is activated. Maybe three enemies are present in one area. Activates if players stay in the one spot for too long. If players don't pause and leave console. Two are present and one is hiding until you wait. Psychological horror Instinctive reaction time. During a quick time event, sometimes it's as simple as press A or rotate the left stick a few times. But then becomes a combination and/or dodging attacks while doing something. No HUD Dead Space Style. Also no QuickTime popups. Colours or hazard signs tell player how to progress.

      Mental illusions/enemy illusions that are very quick but dissipate after being hit.

      Scene. First use of instinctive quickplay. Travel from third person to first person view/perspective. Corridor with a flickering light. The only door out is jammed and you need to connect wires/turn a crank to open. Enemies appear, special type. Only move in darkness ( when the light flickers on/off ) example of instinctive quickplay. Left trigger, pull out sidearm, right trigger, fire. Aiming. Right stick. Left stick rotate crack etc.

      Optional solo missions available Range from retrieving resources to stealing from zealot soldiers

      Example: retrieving an important piece of equipment from a government sector ( during outbreak but has been sectioned off to prevent further infection. Listen in on government scientists and soldiers converse to provide a sense of guilt for killing them ( killing is optional as you later destroy the bulk head door and infect the facility. )

      consequence for mission. If completed, more enemies than normal but receive powerful weapon blueprint or schematic, If left without no schematic etc. but enemies are fewer but stronger ( soldiers become infected ) and more people escape facility

      Dementia level example room fills with water Train or plane scene possible necromorph POV Becomes infected and crashes into residential building or outside colony. Infecting everything Suddenly enter a room but is an operation table with necromorph inside patient

      One scene you are a biohazard soldier fighting a necromorph attack

      Just escaping from death and then immediately put back in a death scenario. Constant fear and tension Mental stress and dementia Scene : Eg One Person ( close up )becomes infected and splits face in halve vertically.

      Finding out what happened on ship/facility. Holo logs between NPCs relate to story, Dead Space logs. Security logs found at security offices, Secure locations. Safe zones. Security holo logs showing past events on ship/facility. Holo logs for present times security logs for backstory and information.

      Example dementia scene Certain places have zones of dementia that assimilate into normal gameplay Past lives that infect the player. First person view. Npc gets inpaled by necromorphs and dragged away. Helmets have lights, small cone of light. Lights and torches can break Can repair torches and headlight One mission your headlights break ( cannot repair because its a mental illusion. ) start off with light breaking. Character desperately trying to get it to work. While it flickers, enemies are seen running around corners and scratching in vents. Pressing Lb/Rb will make player tap his/her helmet and flicker the lightbeam. Pressing five quick successions will give you a slight increase in light but doing so increases chances of light being destroyed. Blackout mode ? Example dementia ending, survivor kills everyone else and realises it was all in their head.

      Different campaigns with each character. 5 characters Security officer Doctor unitologist convict Engineer/technician Backstory logs on characters All campaigns intersect on through the game then the characters wind up together.

      Every character has an origin story ie before the initial outbreak then progress to present time

      Possible opening for convict ( bunker dementia ) electric chair with necromorphs

      Plot twist One of the campaign characters becomes bait for monsters. Rope tied around ankles bunjee style on the edge of a platform to lure as many monsters as possible. Then others come out with Force guns and push the monsters over the edge.

      Three way choice for this character Timing too early, the plan backfires and one of the other characters dies

      Timing right, plan works and character lands on lower level platform because of story plot problem and fixes something to progress.

      Timing too late and character get attacked but lives. But loses an arm. Then becomes enemy ( if insane person /unitologist is character ) While you explore as the enemy you

      ( Final level for unitologist/insane person ) final moment of sanity and for the final chapter of game you find a way off the ship but it also need to be manually ejected while player sacrifices himself with traps and final destructive force that collapses facility as act of atoning for sins or "becoming whole" ) Plot twist level: If you are playing as another character you lead charge and again choices Too early a character dies Too late bait ( unitologist / insane person ) survives, loses eye and arm looks like half mutated. Becomes another enemy in game w/ boss fight near the end

      Jail block/prison sector Inmate/convict necromorphs like to sneak up behind characters and "shank" the character. Introduce prison riot weapons. Melee glove primary fire force push enemies, altfire powerful taser. Can be upgraded with spikes for bone breaking. Darkness covers most of map. Power blackout. Flashlights attract enemies New enemy. Creepers. Arms and legs have elongated and walks on hands and feet all twisted and mangled. Can climb on walls and ceiling. Extra long neck head on backwards/upside down can shoot barb out of mouth New enemy. Charger. Extremely quick. Armoured torso. Limbs are easier to dismember but only staggers the charge, continues to charge with minimal care for loss of limbs.

      Necro Sludge and human intestine parasitic worm necromorph Prologues. Origin for each player before outbreak and return to origin level after outbreak Different for each character. Tutorials display at different times for different characters. Eg. Security guard tutorial shooting first, then walk and press buttons then melee. Doctor tutorial walking/running melee then shooting Tension background music keeps going but random high notes during.

      Dementia level Plot twist Character suffers many hallucinations and encounters many disturbing scenarios with characters encountered throughout the game enemy : bodies that are basically bio mines; exploding into blood and necromorph parts that damage you Or spontaneous necrolimbs shoot out. Victims are still semi conscious and aware of there surroundings. Conjoined twin necromorph half tentacle. Visible limbs and faces Normal slashers that charge the player and disappear after being shot ( player has revolver/machine gun ) or after attempting to attack player, disappear with screen flashing marker red w/symbols and screech. Different each time. )

      At the end of the level he gains his sanity by reading a diary of a Unitologist priest/scientist that suffered similar events in a vision by the alien marker. ( long cinematic/short chase/short Flashbacks from the diary interupt player during encounters or QuickTime. )He found out that the general placed explosives around the ship/facility set to incinerate everything from the inside. He gave him the detonator and told him that he had to decide whether to save us all or join the rest if his so-called religious followers and let the necromorphs loose across the galaxy. He runs and locks himself away. He watches his religious beliefs crumble before him for weeks and weeks, but he never pressed the detonator. As his sanity begins to disintegrate he questions the moral choices we make and our religions. His key in his journal unlocks his locker with the detonator and a will explaining he couldn't press the detonator as long as he believed the church had some other purpose than what he saw. He states that if someone ever found this accursed place to do what he could not and press the button as he was forever bound to the church as he believed that Michael Altman had another vision of becoming whole. New QuickTime event with Spielberg adventures of Tintin action scenes.

      The generals body can be recovered by finding his secret bunker ( in Nazi SS bunker with storm troopers and equipment. ) his thoughts and last orders can be found stating the scenario five order

      Live human test subject voice records can be found with the experiments video on film projector.

      Far Cry 3 hallucinogenic style

      Scene prison cell mate hands you a scalpel and you shank and kill another inmate for respect of the cell block. You walk through shower room and prison inmates start forming a ring around you and the victim. All through the scene, graphic and horrifying parallel scenes flash in and out eg; the inmates turn into necromorphs and the showers drip blood etc

      Ship levels are structurally weak and susceptible to rooms blowing out or being blown out. First time you get sucked out you must find a key card. Difficult but necessary. Player tries and retain a grip inside by hanging on and using boot thrusters. Soon a necromorph appears and tries to kill player. Player succeeds by thruster kicking necromorph in face and grabbing arm and watching necromorph being sucked out and crushed betwixt two pieces of flotilla

      Boss fights get harder and harder when they are close to death. Become more frantic and destructive

      you can find secret doors/vents leading through maintenance vents/tunnels and to the levels security office where you can find aforementioned back story logs and personal logs both official and personal Some security offices are story linked and can be found relatively easy, offering information of plot Security camera feeds and interrogations ( open for optioning )

      Elevator scene: line snaps and falls tumbling left to right and lands diagonally and player escapes

      Survivor of Tau Volantis's scenario 5 ( possible character origin, tie in character to plot ) expanding the game universe

      Main ending for character ( other than plot twist character ) Face off against impossible odds for guarantee of others safety. Fight with plot twist character ( plot twist character regains sanity for final fight ) Enemies gain ground despite traps and player's efforts (multiple large corriders and vent shafts filled with explosives and traps and player tries to kill a number of enemies, larger amount for higher difficulty ) and when all seems lost government ship shows up ( optional mission benefit; try to contact another ship with SOS, similar to Dead Space ) Crazy fight with boss ( severely scary looking ) and escape but plot twist character is killed ) Taken into custody.

      If player don't make SOS, open for opinion

      Government ship ending: open for opinion: as soon as character takes a seat and looks to the ceiling, infector/crawler drops down and cut to black.

      Hardcore option system shock 1990 mode ( refer to bioshock infinite )

      Voodoo Vince 2 or 3 or reboot

      Possible mega man reboot game

      madam charmane makes vince a brother and while she is chanting, and something goes wrong and vince and his brother Clive have to work together to save her.

      Other idea

      a "smart" AI cyborg assassination machine/hybrid that can release a nano-biotic ooze that seek out and alter most things it touches into the players own weapon/ally ( eg. Possible weapon. Most enemies will transform into specialist NPCs while enemy vehicles morph into a sleek upgraded version. )

      Can choose sides good evil. Many powerful weapon upgrades Superpower weapons later on Time passes. Advanced bio cybernetics allow healing in a special bio vat. scarring on body. Main story line Start off thug jobs then progress into mafia, triad, gang jobs, why you were created. Side jobs Robbing banks stores ( execution and body shield ) Army missions Underwater missions Underwater combat. Can explore underwater

      Jungle game: Two brothers join special experimental suit division Joins with Sargent and rookie on secret mission regarding an insane terrorist organisation one brothers a sniper/assassin. The other is frontman. Hidden blades pop out of each forearm Hidden facility. Falls out of aircraft. ( VTOL etc ) due to EMP. Or the jump is successful but it also fails due to EMP burst mid flight. VTOL goes down and you recover pilot. But if you are unable to reach in time the pilot gets attacked by wildlife. ShootingTutorial

      free fall. Emergency wing suit/ parachute deploys but malfunctions. Can land anywhere on map. ( island mission ) land in trees or in a village or outpost or the beach. guerrilla warfare and stealth. Assassination. Far Cry 3/ Crysis 3 engine styled game Survival on a jungle planet Underwater night time ocean mission. Escape from rebel base and witness a sea serpent launching out of the water and attack VTOL Guerrilla mission Two opposing mercenary forces converge on precious military cargo Character and several npcs have two mission options One. Leak info between the two groups of soldiers to make them aware of each others presence and start an all out war-brawl Salvage the military hardware and booby trap the area with added effect to wipe out most troops and swoop in for a scorched earth tactic

      Gun jams with visual signs ( mud, rust, wet material, blood.etc ) not condition bar ( bar in menu ) can clean and maintain weapons at outposts and militia checkpoints with tool bench.

      Guns owned outside of military instillations are poorly maintained. Some officers and leaders have guns of better value or properly maintained. Can scout out vantage points with special scope/binoculars built into suit but uses power from suit. eg, militant outpost stationed on 3-way dirt track and cement bridge with flowing water. Suit magnifies and highlights enemies and tactical advantages Plot develops and players travel to a metropolitan setting Can make automated notes after scouting the area out. The notes show in tactical map and can highlight advantages during battle eg, swim underwater at night and set C4 to destroy bridge to halt reinforcements. Or use obvious distractions to stealth assassinate militia/soldiers making explosives. You can make your own explosives. Range from pipe bombs to mines to your own rocket head that vary in strength and effect due to what you put in it and how much. Construct with munition boxes. Munition boxes Contain random material used to create explosives

      Kapyong game with Gritty realism element shooter mix 1951 Korean ghost horror A secret hidden in the Kapyong valley comes out to terrorise all those who were unfortunate to be there. Based on the events transpired before, during and after the Kapyong battles Opening scene : Original illegal game of Two up on an Australian street and a similar experience in front lines Start with the street flashback and switch to front lines Everything the memory does, the warfare equivalent follows Eventually the end of the memory ( with the " cockatoo " calling out and the police arrive/ lookout nicknamed Cockatoo shouts out a warning and is shot ) merges with reality and the viewer is shown leaping out of the trenches and doing a bayonet charge into enemy trenches Possible trailer.

      Very brutal melee takedowns and Bayonet charges Low ammo and rations play a role in gameplay Battles and events match stories based on survivor retellings First half of the game is the holding of Kapyong valley. Second half is horror themed and take place after the events of the victory

      feeling that you are going to win despite lack of resources

      Scene: a grenade is lost in a grenade pouch and the pouch is thrown out with the grenades spilling out and camera focuses on live grenade going off, setting off a chain reaction.

      DLC Canadian mission with Lt. Mike Levy

      Hiphop ninja idea : A ninja with a musical subconscious with ninja training Fighting with a New York metro city setting Fights are simulated with musical notes when strikes connected ( eg scratchback and snare ) Can travel rooftop via parkour or skateboard Afro ninja style or Bayonetta Boss battles are guitar hero cinema bayonetta cross Pressing correct buttons and directions to fight through to the weakness and perform combos a number of times. Songs are playing during fights signalled by the buttons pressed Running / chasing scenes with same concept

      Fable prequel with Jack of Blades as main villain. Takes a look into when the guild was founded. First heroes to face off against Jack's summoned forces while Jack locates the mask and the sword. Marsh area called BloodWood deep in an enchanted forest.

      Avo's tear and Sword of Aeons are remodelled and weapon crafting but in greater detail. Scythe makes an appearance And plays a role

      Idea: Vietnam era soldiers come across old research facility and develop telekinetic powers that can rip enemies limb from limb. Bioshock style atmosphere. Weapon blueprints litter R&D facility where player can build and create an array of weapons and devices eg heavy duty flamethrower ( Vietnam era, backpack mounted ) and traps to hamper and maime enemies. Eg trip wire guns, explosives etc )

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    • Please forgive the choppyness of it all because it has been a long time making it and sorry about the font heheh

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    • This may be more of an download-only game or DLC, but I would really like to play Jacob Temple's story, personally. You'd get to see the downfall of the Ishimura first hand, which would be great, and you'd have a sense of hopelessness, because you know how his story ends. For an interesting start, maybe you wouldn't actually find out it's him until he records his first audio log.

      There could be more of a focus on the underpowered protagonist, where your best chances of survival is running and hiding. Inventory limitations could be implemented, maybe you get a wrench for stunning necros and one other weapon (from the original selection), and you have no armour, so you can't afford to take many hits. It'd be more classic survival horror than the other games, and I think it'd breathe some new life into the series.

      As for the story, Temple follows a similar path and set of objectives to Isaac, so there'd be a slightly unnerving sense of deja vu, similar to revisiting the Ishimura in DS2. I think revisiting the Ishimura would be especially effective when areas where you encountered a lot of necros in DS1 or DS2 seem all too quiet; one of my favourite things the first time round in each game were the worry caused by moments when everything told you that you were about to get ambushed, and you didn't.

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    • Well I thougt that (spoiler don't read if you have not beat or anything else for dead space 3), that you play as some else trying to find Issic because there is a consperise hes still alive. Also SPACE MISSIONS.

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    • So first of all, a lot of people were not happy with Dead Space 3.  So much so that it may just have killed the franchise (Yikes!).  I thought it was a decent game, but was not so wild about the plot.  (Halo 4 style)  I think that to continue the franchise, we need to look back at what made the original scary.  And what made it cool.

      First things first.  The story.  The whole Brother Moon shtick was the final nail in the coffin for Earth.  There's nothing they can do against who knows how many moon sized superorganisms.  Maybe a little backstory showing earth going down in flames.  Definitely kill off the main cast, or make them secondary characters.  I love Isaac, but his character is tapped out.  He fixed his dementia, and by this point, shoehorning him into another solo fight against the necro's is just stupid.  Sorry, but its true.  Isaac has been made a soldiering badass, and thats something that just doesn't work in Dead Space.

      So humanity has fallen, and the moons have left in search of new prey.  Do you know what we need?  An open world setting.  Picture it.  You and a small team wandering a ship.  Or you just solo it.  A simple order system, Follow me, Stop, Roam, Defend.  On the defend order, I imagine your allies would begin sealing vents, and piling sheet metal in simple fortifications.  They can, of course, defend themselves against a few necromorphs...  but unless you leave suitable numbers behind, you could loose an entire team in a few minutes.  A team would only be a few people, 4-6, but in a pinch they might make all the difference...  And it opens the door to impossible survival scenarios.  I.E.  Open a door and dozens of necromorphs pour out.  This adds another level of fear, as in a few minutes you might loose far more than a single life, but weapons and valuable survivors.  Or, on the other hand, one of your survivors might go crazy, and try to kill not just you, but your entire team.  A rare event, of course, that only happens after hours of gameplay...  but something truly terrifying nonetheless.

      Next step, the coolest thing about Dead Space 1 was probably the unique kill system (Cut off the limbs) and the unique gun (No lame starting pistol for us!  No sirree!  We use a simple engineering tool.  I mean...  not so simple, but still.)  So first things first, the game needs a new main weapon.  Something that an engineer would use, because the engineer idea is just so cool.  I am open to suggestions, but i think a torch fits the survival horror theme best.  A welding torch for space-based purposes, capable of creating a beam of heat that can cut right through the station walls.  Powerful, but short ranged, and uses ammo incredibly fast.  Also the only source of light in most places.  So the player has to ask, whats more important?  My ammo, or my eyesight...  The other in game guns would primarily be other engineering/manufacturing tools.  Military grade weapons would work better when fighting humans, but against the necromorphs they are practically useless.

      Speaking of the necromorphs, how about new types to combat the human threat?  Ones that camouflage as space debris or hide on the fleshy walls, waiting until the team has passed them by to leap out in a rapid-damaging attack.  This will leave everyone petrified of each step, wondering if these things are waiting behind every vent, every corner, every flimsy wall...  And they will be.  Also, new kill gimmicks.  Limb slicing was cool, but now we as gamers are used to it.  How about a head sized chunk of those glowing orange weak points from the boss battles?  But they are hidden on each necromorph, on an arm, or leg, or even in the head.  Unless this is destroyed, they will just keep regrowing.  Hence the need for new, exotic weapons.  A rivet gun to pin opponents, a modified wrench to carve them open, or a welding torch, to chop them into little cauterized pieces.  The "Spray and pray" approach.  More importantly, this opens the door to inspiring combat cutscenes.  Using the joysticks to control your hands, you try to fend off Necromorph claws while getting your gun close enough to shoot off an arm, leg, torso or head.

      Bring back standard guns (Shotgun, assault rifle, even minigun) and make them grossly ineffective.  Until you make some upgrades to turn them into death machines.  Build up your ship, putting survivors to work improving it, as you set out to destroy every marker in the region.  The longer you take to break the markers, the faster your ship goes crazy.  But if you don't stop to rescue more survivors, and gather ammo from specific stashes, you will never stand a chance.

      Speaking of ammo, no more finding it on the side of the road.  You find it in specific engineering supply depots or stores (And you will find a TON of it there) and nowhere else except for the occassional small ammount from a dead wannabe Isaac.  Military grade munitions will be quite common, as the underequipped military struggles to survive.  You can help them, or leave them to their fate.  Either way you risk attack and betrayal.

      EarthGov and the Unitologists.  EarthGov is of course, still alive (though not on earth).  They have some powerful weapons, but their leaders are idealistic and military minded.  Help them too much?  They might just press-gang you into survice.  Then you're at ground zero when it all goes to shit.  Their power is fractured and dwindles by the day as outlying worlds are overrun by marker-created necros.  They will start as a massive military force, but their slow progress will eventually cripple them all, leaving them as a bloated dying animal armed to the teeth with the finest military weapons available.  The Unitologists, those damn culty bastards, have of course, dwindled in power.  Too many followers killing themselves i hear.  But sadly, they have the unfortunate habit of surviving quite easily.  Now they dominate the galaxy, gutting pockets of resistance whenever they want.  Forcing conversion on shipfulls of refugees.  Some will sneak onto your ship, only to die in a grand act of sabotage or murder.  You will start to fear every innocent face, until you honestly question whether or not to shoot every person that comes to you for help.

      Story wise?  Honestly it's not that important.  The story of Dead Space isn't what makes it scary.  The fear comes from the not knowing.  A simple view of day to day survival is what Dead Space 4 needs.  No trying to kill all the moon monsters.  No trying to save everyone.  Just gritty, hard-fought survival, cutting life from the chest of Necromorphs one at a time.  At the end of the game, you might be EarthGov's leader, guiding the military like the hammer of thor to smite the evil from the world.  Or you might be a freelance pilot, slaughtering whatever someone points you at.  You might even be a unitologist, leading your people towards the convergence, striking down foes with painful delusions and armies of necromorphs.  Then again...  you might just be a humble survivor, trying to save the universe from destruction.  

      Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day.  Let me know what you think of my little idea!  Er...  not-so-little-idea.

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    • There won't be a dead space 4... EA killed Visceral a few days ago. 

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    • There is still hope! There is a petition demanding a Dead space 4 on

      You can find the petition by googling Dead space 4 petition

      If enough of us sign the petition we can convince EA to make a Dead space 4! 

      Please sign it and share it on Facebook and Twitter!  

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    • Convince EA? Dead Space is gone and no petition will bring it back. Live with it.

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    • A dead space 4 idea is having Isaac be the playable character and having Co-Op mode.(Ellie being the second playable character).Turns out the brethren moons were a dream.As Isaac and Carver went into stasis when they started traveling.Soon having the bad dream about the brethren moons attacking earth.They wake up in a lab,with ellie next to Carver and Isaac.A man with a trolley comes over to Isaac,with 4 (5 with DLC) vials of blood.The man introduces himself as a nurse of unitology and asks what he would like to be for a necromorph specimen.The player would direct Issac's eyes to Infector,Slasher,Lurker,or a feeder.Also if you have a starter pack(DLC) you could also choose between Regenerator as well.Isaac would get injected but as he starts to transform the voice of the brethren moons tell Isaac,Quote “Not yet”.Isaac would start screaming and the transformation would stop.He would then kick the nurse away and break out.Everyone else would follow as a marker is seen as they are running.Isaac would soon find a ship and everyone would board it.As they are leaving Isaac gets sick and throws up necromorph type biomass.Soon Isaac would go to the remains of the sprawl and find the USG Ishimura still in one piece.They land on it and basically take it over and make it their own ship.This will be the “hub world”Throughout the game.You can even pilot the planet cracker.But you will need to have mastered the layout of the ship by the end of the game as you would use the USG Ishimura to kill the brethren moons.Like the original game the entire ship is available to you.So you can explore and have a bit of nostalgia.This would be the first chapter of the game.


      As you remember Isaac was injected with necromorph blood.So let me list what these types of blood will do.The infector will allow Isaac to have a proboscis come out of his mouth and infect a corpse.(Keep in mind there HAS to be a corpse around)This would take 3 seconds to do and after this a Necromorph with blue eyes will spawn and you will have a necromorph follow you.However they can still be shot  and killed by you and your Co-op partner.This could save ammo as you could dismember it and use its limbs as projectiles.But when you go to a bench there is another slot named Necromorph abilities.using power nodes would allow you to make different types of necromorphs.The first node upgrade would be a puker.Then the other upgrades would follow as enhanced slasher,enhanced puker,the last 2 would be an infector and an enhanced infector.

      The slasher would allow Isaac to grow tentacles to grow out of his shoulder blades with slasher weaponry.This would cause Isaac to lose weaponry and go on a rampage with a melee type attacks.This would charge over time.After the rampage is over he would get his weapons back.The rig upgrades would be in this order longer rampage,stasis(Twitcher type all time slows so it's a speed upgrade),Longer blades (longer melee range),last upgrade would be called eye of the necromorph(allows Isaac to see the nearest supplies and necromorphs)

      The lurker is similar to the slasher in that 3 tentacles will come out of Isaac's back.This would also charge.The 3 tentacles would shoot projectiles with unlimited ammo for a short period of time other weaponry can be used.The upgrades would go as larger bullets,longer rampage,more speed,and a charge shot (would take on bar off Isaac and has the damage equivalent to one shot from the hand cannon.

      The feeder reduces the amount of health you have by 1 bar but you can call other feeders for a quick pack attack against necromorphs.The other would only be feeders which are weaker than the pack.This allows Isaac to attack or sneak past necromorphs.The upgrades are as follows.Stronger feeders,bigger pack,speed upgrade,and finally have Dead Space 2 pack and feeders attack.You start out with 5 and the pack size upgrade would increase it to 15.

      DLC Regenerator

      The regenerator allows you to regenerate 1 bar of health every 30 seconds.There is also a chance when you die that a quick time event will happen during a death cutscene(and a scripted death/cutscene ONLY)there could be a change where Isaac riggles around as his dismemberd limbs grow back.You would come back with 3 bars of health.The upgrades would be as follows.Shorter health regen(Health regen is now 15 seconds),Increase health after revive(puts health to 5 bars after revival),Ally revive(revives your teammate,takes 3 seconds as you start to pick them up)Lastly is total recall(allows you to come back after every type of death)this is balanced by the fact you can be revived twice (you and your partner) each chapter.

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    • what do you guys think of this idea?

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    • Would like to see Isaac meet Lexine from DS: Extraction/ Severed

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    • Who is dead space 4 final boss?

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    • Dead space 4 issac meet jhon carver from tau volantis?

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    • wrote:the marker creater to hint in dead space 4?

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    • I think we should ditch Issac. They really screwed the story up in 3 (even though I feel like I was in the minority of those who actually liked 3, still the DLC screwed it). If Issac died at the end by pulling the moon into TV it would of wrapped it up in a nice closed trilogy.

      As for everyone complaining about how 2 and 3 where less scary, well think about it. If you had to stop not one, but two marker uprisings almost entirely by yourself wouldn't you be a seasoned necromorph vet by the time the 3rd one came around? Issac developed as a charcter. He's not some clueless scared engineer anymore. I don't get why that was so hard to understand. 

      Dead Space 4 should focus on the aftermath of the unitologist destroying the Marker shroud on the Moon at the begining of Dead Space 3 and almost a sideline/continuation from the book, Liberation. Follow a different character who is apart of Earth Gov's "Last Battalion" as they mentioned in passing in the game. Maybe make the character "special forces" so theres more solo time spent making it more isolated and lonely like the first DS and not too much NPC interaction. Various missions basically centered around the Last Battalion trying to protect the civilians from themselves (dementia, scuicidal, and homocidal thoughts), necromorphs, and the Unitologist. The game would end with either destorying the Marker or having been able to rebuild the shroud only to see the Necro Moons in the skyline around Earth. 

      This game to test the waters and see if the market is ready for another DS trilogy or even DS in general. It gives fans a different side of the same story much like Severed and Extraction and also leaves a buffer for a developement team to listen to the fans and continue with the actual story and find out what's next for Earth and the Necro Moons.

      Forget Issac. I still want to believe he died a hero destroying the TV Moon.

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    • How long brethren moon?

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    • A FANDOM user
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