Drag tentacle
  • Thick tentacles; giant, yellow pustule
  • Grabbing and dragging prey into their lair.
  • Slamming down on victims.

Tentacles are massive Necromorphs that are their own entity or they are part of a larger creature such as the Leviathan, the Hive Mind or the Tau Volantis Moon and act as their "limbs", similar to arms.

They are encountered in Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space 3.

Variants and overviewEdit

The tentacles are either stationary Necromorphs that belong to no other creature or they are part of a bigger Necromorph.

They appear to be formed from muscle tissue, internal organs and, possibly, bone. This area is heavily armored and will not cut from any tools that Isaac has. They have a large sack containing yellow liquid that is weak to heavy attacks. This spot connects two pieces of the tentacles, but other purposes for this object is unknown.

The tentacles emit loud elephant-like roars when they are far away or when they appear out of nowhere as a scare-factor or they will emit loud and high pitched screech noises. It is unknown how they produce these sounds as they do not have any visible mouths or anything that could produce any animal-like roars

Dead Space Tentacle Necromorph Sound Effects HD

Dead Space Tentacle Necromorph Sound Effects HD

Tentacle sound effects.

In the first game, Isaac encounters three tentacles that attempt to pull Isaac into a hole they have punched through previously. Isaac will witness a bunch of body parts littered on the walkway near the first tentacle he encounters, that are left from the tentacle's previous unsuspecting victims.

Usually the areas where the tentacles appear are filled with Corruption and often some tentacles can be seen growing through the Corruption. They do not move however. It is possible that the tentacles that attempt to pull Isaac are part of these Corruption hives.
Drag Tentacle wiki es

Tentacle grabbing Isaac in one of his hallucinations aboard the USG Ishimura in Dead Space 2.

Some tentacles, however, are part of a larger Necromorph. The Leviathan possesses three rhizome-like holes where tentacles will sprout out of and attempt to smash Isaac. It seems that the Leviathan uses the Corruption to grow limitless supplies of tentacles for various purposes, like blocking off entryways as seen on front of the food storage in Ishimura. If one of the three tentacles are cut off, the Leviathan will grow more in a matter of minutes, or it is possible that it had a storage of ready made tentacles located in the Corrpution biomass all around Ishimura.

The Slug and the Urchin also have tentacles similar to the Leviathan that serve the same purpose. However, the Slug uses the tentacles as its "arms" to throw objects in self defense towards Isaac once he turns the ADS cannon against the creature.
Guardian tentacle

Tentacle preventing the Marker 3A from being moved.

Some tentacles are however are located in a large area protecting something. In Isaac's case, the tentacles he has encountered were protecting the Marker 3A located in the cargo storage of Ishimura, the catwalk on Aegis VII leading to the site where the Marker 3A originally located before extraction to the ship, the crossover tube on-board the CMS Roanoke (Isaac and Carver will hear the Necromorph cry out in pain as the machine activates, waking up the creature from long dormancy), in the Alien City, large tentacles blocking a walkway after the Tau Volantis Moon woke up and finally located somewhere on the planet after the Moon had fallen.

These tentacles will remain dormant underneath a pile of objects or something that keeps them hidden until an unsuspecting victims comes up to them. If that happens, the tentacle makes a loud roar and begins to attempt to smash its victim. The tentacles specialized in guarding have their tips modified into boulder-like to maximize the effectiveness of the smash in order to gain weight on the tentacle and create more damage.

Guardian tentacle ds3 de

Guardian tentacle encountered aboard the CMS Roanoke in Dead Space 3.

Only the tentacle is shown when they appear but it is possible that some of them belong to the Hive Mind encountered in the first game and also to the Taul Volantis moon from the third, or an unseen Necromorph.

Sometimes massive tentacles are blocking Isaac or Carver's path, requiring them to blow a specific object for the tentacle to move. Large tentacles like this are encountered in the Tripod's nest as well as in the power core of the CMS Roanoke and all over Tau Volantis.

In Dead Space 3, the guardian tentacles appear to be mummified like the rest of the Necromorphs. The stem isn't partially red like the ones in the previous games but is completely grey with little black. The liquid sack is also more red in color and brighter than before.

Strategies Edit

  • Drag Tentacles will drag Isaac in short, quick bursts. In between, they will slowly coil, giving him just enough time to target the weak spots and destroy it.
  • The Tentacle shifts and moves as it prepares to drag Isaac further. Use a fast-firing weapon with instantaneous projectile speed such as the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse Rifle to hit the weak spot more accurately. Or, if you have good aim, a basic Contact Beam will kill it in one shot. Similarly, a basic Flamethrower can kill a Drag Tentacle within seconds, even in Impossible Mode.
  • The non-dragging Tentacles can harm other Necromorphs almost as if the contact of the strike is an explosion. Thus, it can release the Pregnant's payload.
  • None of the Drag Tentacles are affected by Stasis.
  • Drag Tentacles can be killed before they grab Isaac, however it is extremely difficult to do so, so it is best not to waste ammunition on it.
  • Leviathan Tentacles will often wiggle slowly in the air before they attack, giving you plenty of time to shoot the pustule or, if needed, freeze it with stasis.

Trivia Edit

  • The tentacles may be evolving forms of the Corruption, as they are always in the presence of the Corruption.
  • Each Drag Tentacle that attempts to drag Isaac to his death has its own unique death sequence, giving them a bit of "personality".
  • When retrieving The Marker in Chapter Eleven, four Leviathan Tentacles will attack; three Leviathan Tentacles will also attack Isaac when returning The Marker to the Hive Mind. The Hive Mind is the most likely host for these, as Isaac will be on Aegis VII at that point. These tentacles do not have a scripted death sequence.
  • In the game Dante's Inferno, a Drag Tentacle is featured as an Easter egg.[citation needed]
  • In Dead Space 2, Isaac has a flashback of the first Drag Tentacle attack upon revisiting the area where it took place while on board the USG Ishimura.
    • Only one real Drag Tentacle appears in Dead Space 2. Specifically, in Chapter 11, shortly after talking to Ellie and Stross, where it will drag Isaac outside and into space (Note this Drag Tentacle cannot kill Isaac and vice-versa).
  • In Dead Space: Martyr, Altman's arm is grabbed by a very similar Necromorph form; this could be a primitive, weaker version of the Drag Tentacle.
  • In Chapter 4 of Dead Space 3, when Isaac and Carver have to travel to the Admiral Quarters to decode the Unitology script, Isaac and Carver have to pass through the generator room again where there are numerous tentacles as well as much larger tentacles blocking the path where if Isaac or Carver restarts each generator module, it forces them to flinch and unblock the path, what these larger and general tentacles seem to belong to is currently unknown.
  • In Chapter 19 of Dead Space 3, as Isaac and Carver run through the collapsing alien city, they are attacked by several Leviathan Tentacles, what they belong to is unknown.
  • In Chapter 18 in Dead Space 3, the Tentacles seem to be aquatic. If you look below you can see murky water where the Tentacles are.
  • In Dead Space 3, if the player is too close to the large tentacles when they retreat after the CMS Roanoke's power core gets reactivated, he doesn't get thrown back, even if the tentacle supposedly hits him. It just clips right through him.

Death ScenesEdit

  • Each Drag Tentacle has their own death animations:
    • Dead Space - Tentacle Death

      Dead Space - Tentacle Death

      Drag tentacle number 1 death

      Chapter 3: If Isaac fails to destroy the yellow sac on the Drag Tentacle during the first encounter, it will drag him into the hole. Isaac will try to brace himself on the hole's edges, but a mini tentacle inside of the hole will attack him. The Tentacle will drive itself into Isaac, which will rupture Isaac's organs, killing him. Once Isaac is dead, the Tentacle drags his lifeless form into the depths of the hole.
    • Dead Space - Tentacle 2 Death

      Dead Space - Tentacle 2 Death

      Drag tentacle number 2 death.

      Chapter 6: If Isaac fails to destroy the yellow sac on the Drag Tentacle during the second encounter, he will be dragged towards the hole. Isaac will hold on to a metal brace in a bid to save himself. However, the Tentacle will lose its grip and let go of Isaac. Isaac will begin to dazedly stand up, but the Tentacle will suddenly grab him again (this time by the head) and pull him in.
    • Dead Space - Tentacle 3 Death

      Dead Space - Tentacle 3 Death

      Chapter 10: If Isaac fails to destroy the yellow sac on the Drag Tentacle during the third encounter, it will drag him into another hole (this time in the ground). Isaac will be dragged in, and some blood will splash out of the hole. At this point, Isaac will emerge from the hole in an attempt to break free. A small tentacle will come up from the hole, wrapping around Isaac's neck, and snapping it before his body is dragged once more into the hole.
    • There is also a death scene in Extraction for Nathan McNeil if he fails to hold back the tentacle by locking it in a vent using the Rivet Gun. The tentacle will grab McNeil and drag him through the vent. Gabe will try to catch McNeil but fails as he is dragged into the vent. Nicole, Lexine, Gabe, and Eckhardt are heard screaming when this happens.
    • If Isaac succeeds to destroy the yellow sac on the Drag Tentacle, it will explode, leaving only the skin of the tentacle as a roar is heard, and Isaac will slowly get back on his feet.
    • If a guardian tentacle smashes Isaac or Carver while they have low health, they will simply get torn into pieces.



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